090807-090809 SHINee’s Goodbye Stage Performances

So fast?! T_T I’m depressed! DBSK is involved with the lawsuit thingy, Super Junior had their goodbye stage in June and now SHINee too T.T What’s left for me? *sobs*

090807 Juliette on Music Bank

credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube

090808 SHINee Goodbye Stage on Music Core

credits: randy19973 + Eugenia 님

Omg T_T of course I’ll wait for you boys! Although I am already sort of cheating on them XD Well, I cheated on Yoochun with Key and Onew and now I’m cheating on them with Sungmin! Is there such a term as 4-timer? XD I ♥ them all^o^

090809 SHINee goodbye stage on Inkigayo (with SNSD)

credits: CodeMonmonSeason3 @ youtube


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