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2PM’s Junho on Twitter!

Junho’s Twitter page 

Actually this is old news but! really his tweets are so cute! You gotta check them out XD Nickhun has also been tweeting since earlier in May 🙂




haha he’s so cuteeee XD

source: allkpop

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Hyun Joong is a CL fan

Idol group SS501’s leader and flower boy Kim Hyun Joong confessed, “Out of the 2NE1 members I am paying close attention to CL” during an interview with MBC SectionTV.

When asked by the reporter, “Out of all the girl groups, is there a specific member who you closely observe?” And Hyun Joong’s answer was 2NE1’s bad girl CL.

He also expressed how he felt about CL saying “When I saw her I asked myself ‘Wow, who is that?’ and admired CL.”

Hyun Joong never got to see CL in person so he recorded a video message to her saying “I am your senior of a few years but I wish your career as a singer will be good. Thanks for giving me inspiration.”

Bonus Hyun Joong Interview Screen Caps:

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One Day Vacation

wahhhh JYPE staff are so lucky! They got to go on a friggin vacation/teambuilding trip with 2AM/2PM!!:

A group of JYPE singers and staff members (dance instructors, managers, personnel) went on a vacation / overnight workshop designed to improve teamwork / bonding between the idols and their staff. Unfortunately, not all the members of One Day were able to attend, as Jaebeom was in the US, Junsu went back to visit Daegu, and Junhowasn’t feeling well. The remaining group went to Chulwon for some water rafting and karaoke. During the day, they were split into three teams: Four Seasons Team 1 with leader Taecyeon, Urusa Team 2 with leader Seulong, and Kwon Jo Team 3 with leaderJokwon. Even though this vacation involved company staff rather than actual fans, it looked like it was a lot of fun and still another event that One Day fans will wish they could’ve been a part of.



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FT Island – 2NE1’s “Fire (Rock Ver.)” @ Inkigayo

I haven’t blogged about FT island before but actually I knew about them even before I was a fan of DBSK. I still don’t know the members’ name though, only Hongki *fangirl fail* I promise I’ll learn real soon:) Anyway they are Janice’s (pedo) band even if she refuses to admit it and join my Noona club XD

Hongki’s hair here is so cute >_< He followed Dara's style, lol

credits: wonderbangjjang

Ok, I have put off studying long enough, the whole day in fact ;_; time to meet my books *sobs*



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Cont’d 2PM’s Wild Bunny Ep3 Pics



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TVXQ 2 Canada

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090809 2NE1 on Inkigayo

haha today is actually Singapore’s national day and look at what I’m doing XD I miss Singapore!!!!

2NE1 – Last Farewell


They changed the lyrics but it’s still awesome!

2NE1 – I Don’t Care(Remix Ver.)


At the restaurant where I had my dinner earlier, they were playing I don’t care^^

2NE1 – I Don’t Care(Winning & Encore)


This is their 3rd week winning #1!


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090807-090809 SHINee’s Goodbye Stage Performances

So fast?! T_T I’m depressed! DBSK is involved with the lawsuit thingy, Super Junior had their goodbye stage in June and now SHINee too T.T What’s left for me? *sobs*

090807 Juliette on Music Bank

credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube

090808 SHINee Goodbye Stage on Music Core

credits: randy19973 + Eugenia 님

Omg T_T of course I’ll wait for you boys! Although I am already sort of cheating on them XD Well, I cheated on Yoochun with Key and Onew and now I’m cheating on them with Sungmin! Is there such a term as 4-timer? XD I ♥ them all^o^

090809 SHINee goodbye stage on Inkigayo (with SNSD)

credits: CodeMonmonSeason3 @ youtube


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Tell 2PM, Shinee & MC Mong Your Wish

Sorry for lack of updates coz Denise and I have been really busy. I’ll update more when I get back to SG when term starts (haha instead of studying. It’s bad but I do it anyways oops-_-:)

Anywhooo this was too precious to not share AND it has 2pm and shinee members! This SNSD song is getting stuck in my head coz its always playing on the korean channels. I must admit being exposed to their CFs is making me like them more haha (don’t kill me denise!

Credit: prot0980@YT

Of course I like this version better hehe! TAEC & YOUNGGGG XD


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