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090802 DBSK – Gimpo Airport Back to Korea Pt 3

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DBSK Debacle Summary & Clarifications

With all the response and confusion that allkpop has been getting about this whole TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki issue, we hope that this comprehensive list will clear up any miscommunications that may have arisen from information posted previously.

First, the facts:

1. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu filed a lawsuit against SME (SM Entertainment) in order to suspend their contract.

2. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu did plan to manage a branch of a cosmetics company. This did NOT however relate nor tie into the lawsuit.

3. Yunho and Changmin are NOT filing a lawsuit against SME along with their fellow three members.

4. SM has been taking anywhere from 70-90% of TVXQ’s profits.

5. TVXQ is also signed with AVEX Entertainment (Japanese entertainment label) and still scheduled for A-Nation concerts throughout August.

6. There have been NO talks of disbandment.

Addressing the facts:

1. The lawsuit suspends the three members’ contracts while pending. Popular belief is that they want to renegotiate parts of their contracts, POSSIBLY because of SM’s disapproval of fact number two.

2. This is a fact, enough said. SM released a statement that “The cosmetics company issue will be resolved”, but that statement did not refer to the injunction filed by Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu.

3. They are not, and this is why rumors of a breakup started flying because of this inconsistency within the members. It is just a coincidence that the two are not involved with the cosmetics company are also not filing a lawsuit against SME.

4. Yes but, to an extent, this is not as extreme as many people think. SME does take an unheard of amount from TVXQ, but they also pay for anything and everything the members need. This includes plane tickets, hotel suites, meals, car rentals, etc. This effectively makes it so that TVXQ members do not have to spend a penny while under contract, but it does bind them to SME and prevents them from doing anything that would require large amounts of money (such as splitting from the SM label) without approval from SM. This has not affected the lawsuit at all, as neither TVXQ nor SM has said anything regarding the issue of pay.

5. This fact proves that SM cannot just disband TVXQ without legal repercussions. If SM were to disband TVXQ, AVEX would also lose a lot of money on the situation and would obviously sue. TVXQ also performed without incident today (August 1st) for A-Nation.

6. Nowhere has there been a statement about disbandment or splitting. TVXQ members and SM have not said anything regarding the issue. Mentions of Disbandment are just assumptions by the media and fans at large because of the lawsuit.

Now, the rumors:

1. There has been fighting among TVXQ members which has caused talks of disbandment.

2. Junsu’s father was at the head of the preparations to sue SME when SM caught word of the pending lawsuit and proceeded to bully around Junsu.

3. TVXQ members responded on their Cyworld mini hompages with messages suggesting that disbandment was highly unlikely.

4. TVXQ is under the same situation as their predecessors, H.O.T. and Shinhwa (maybe even S.E.S.).

5. TVXQ is in this for the money.

6. Yunho and Changmin have resigned with SM under a new contract.

Regarding the rumors:

1. No, there has not been ANY fighting among TVXQ members and this was clearly addressed in a previous article.

2. This still just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed, but many Korean bloggers have caught a hold of this specific issue and have been discussing, so there is still some validity.

3. Yes, this has been proven to be false. Contrary to popular belief however, allkpop never confirmed this was true and even stated that the pictures were most likely fake. Allkpop is trying to keep readers up to date with anything and everything that may arise about this situation. With hot issues like these, getting news up quickly is our first priority and when things are disproven, we will take measures to address the situation. We realize that this is a sensitive issue to many of our readers and we ask that you take everything that is not posted as cold hard facts with a grain of salt.

4. Although the whole situation may remind some people of what happened with H.O.T and Shinhwa, the circumstances are very different. Many people have many different opinions on this, but the situations are not parallel.

5. The insane split of profits with SM may have something to do with the pending lawsuit, but more than likely not. The 10-30% that TVXQ receives in profits is still more than the average upperclass American citizen makes in 10 years. More than likely, money has no part to play in this lawsuit.

6. Rumors have been going around that the two of them decided to stay with SM but this is confirmed to be NOT TRUE according to the official TVXQ fansite.

Lastly, speculation (NOTE: these are all predictions and outcomes that have been expressed by both the non-Korean AND Korean parties. Please take these with a grain of salt) :

1. TVXQ will leave the SM label and continue their promotions under a different or possibly independent label.

2. TVXQ will break up and SM will lose lots of money, possibly leading to a shutdown of the company.

Response to speculations:

1. At the current moment, this is the most popular outcome that most people agree upon. They believe that TVXQ will win this lawsuit, leave SM and start an independent label or sign with another big label such as JYP or YG. In my opinion, this is highly unlikely. The lawsuit has nothing to do with terminating TVXQ’s contract with SM. Along with that, SM has a lot of influence over MBC, KBS, and SBS and can easily prevent TVXQ from performing on any of their music shows and cause many hardships for TVXQ. This is what happened with Shinhwa. On the other hand, TVXQ is arguably THE hottest band in K-pop and promotions aren’t necessarily needed in order to sell albums.

2. This is, in my opinion, highly unlikely unless SM plays a part in breaking them up. There is no proof that any of the members have any beef with one another. This is just an outcome that anti-fans have come up with to dishearten others. But please remember, the possibility is not ruled out and everything is up in the air until official statements from both parties are released.

Hopefully this article cleared up any and all confusions regarding that matter. Please remember that anything not listed as a fact is based on rumors alone and that they may turn out to be true or may turn out to be completely false. Stay tuned to allkpop and we’ll keep you up do date with the situation as more details leak out.

Credits: ALLKPOP
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JaeChunSu against SM Ent – Lawsuit part 4

TVXQ, a group who is currently meeting dissolution crisis right now had arrived on August 2nd at 3 pm at Gimpo International Airport. They just finished their concert schedule in Japan on August 1st (T/N: a-nation in Kumamoto) and hastily went back to Korea. The very first time 3 people and 2 people who has been reported to break up were shown together in well condition in Gimpo arrival.

However, the upcoming activities of these people are expected to show different directions. Micky Yoochun, Xiah, and Youngwoong who have submitted injunction application against their agency SM Entertainment regarding the suspense of exclusive contract are reported to be having evening meeting in certain place in Gangnam.

The lead legal representative of the 3 members said, “This evening, the three members including their parents and lawyers will meet to discuss plans for future activities,”

According to the legal representative from SEJONG law firm, lawyer Im Sang Hyuk, the future plan of TVXQ will likely to run separately. A predetermined schedule that is already appointed with the fans will be proceed without disruption. However, for the newly created schedule whether all members will be attending or only part of them is a plan that is going to be decided through the discussion.

From lawyer Im Sang Hyuk, “What we have promised to fans, is the most important. For overseas activities in the schedule, because we have already agreed to many fans, therefore they will be proceed. Including the overseas tour in Japan: 8th at Ehime, 22nd – 23rd at Tokyo, and 29-30 at Osaka, all members are going to performing on stage altogether.”

In the other hand, for the domestic activity is still undecided. Members are likely divided to 3 and 2 for local activities. Lawyer Im said, “Currently, from SM side wanted to know about the future of all schedule which was already prepared. Therefore to decide that, Micky Yoochun, Xiah, Youngwoong, and another representative of the 3 guys will discuss whether to receive the schedule and participate or not.”

The cause of this incident between SEJONG and SM Entertainment is the unfair contract. “The core problem is not about the cosmetic company. But SM seems to continue pointing the cosmetic company as the problem in their statement. The main problem is the unfair contract, and our injunction application is to meet that purpose.” Lawyer Im stressed it again.

source: sportsseoul
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

I dun really know what to make of the situation at this point, I have no idea how i am going to concentrate on my finance homework at this moment T_T Hopefully when I get back tomorrow, there will be good news for me to share with everyone.

DBSK fighting! Always keep the faith.


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090802 DBSK- Gimpo Airport (back in Korea)- part 2

There are more pics beside these but I have to go prepare for my tutorials tmr so maybe if Taqiah is free she will post them up, if not I’ll get around to doing it tmr:)

credit: myyunho+herostep+parkyuchun
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[VIDEO] Yunho For Evisu – Photoshoot + Interview (Eng Sub)

Credits: 2yunnie206
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090802 DBSK- Gimpo Airport (back in Korea)- part 1

credit: tvxqevent + as taaged
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There seems to be an explosion of fans at the airport today

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[Fanfic] Deadly Vota — An Assassin Story (Chp 2)

The Five Princes

“Hey, quit pushing.” Eris turned and snapped at the girl behind her. The girl glared at Eris. Eris glared straight back. I would’ve sworn I saw lightning sparks fly before the girl turned away and continued to force her way between two other girls beside me.

I chuckled wryly. “Two years and you still haven’t grown up that much, huh?” I murmured as I handed in my application to one of the officials who was standing behind the tables near the entrance of the castle. He took my application and read through it carefully, taking note of my academic qualifications and experience as a maid. All three of us had faked our maid experiences. According to the application, we were maids since birth; these lies were solidly supported by three satisfactorily terrified families.

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090729 Tohomobile Bigger Version- JaeChun

credit: Soulmateaday@lj + intan@soompi
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JaeChunSu against SM Ent – Lawsuit part 3

After Tonight Meeting, Official Position Announcement Will be Revealed

3 of 5 members of popular group TVXQ, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun who recently are having discord with their assigned company, SM Entertainment — through their legal representative from SEJONG law firm said that after the meeting on August 2nd, they will finally reveal the official position on the 3rd.

The law firm SEJONG on the 2nd to Star News said, “Today (August 2nd) in the evening, lawyer of the company and several officials involved will have a meeting.”

“and tomorrow (August 3rd) through press conference, we’ll hold an official press release regarding this matter.”

About the statement they made related to press release on August 1st (T/N: I guess the statement from phone call interview saying that so far they have no plan to hold presscon), “Originally, we didn’t make plan to reveal anything yet since we want the case to be done in steps. However, as there are so many misinformation about the truth fact being rolled up, therefore we decided to hold an official press release.”

Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun represented by SEJONG on July 31st submitted an injuction application at Seoul Central Dis rict Court to remove the exclusive clause effect in their contract against SM Entertainment. In addition, to verify information related to income, a preservation of evidence application have been an additional submission as well.

source: star news
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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AVEX President’s Blog Update

a-nation Kumamoto

Today, the summer did START.

In the middle of trouble happened to recording agency

You must be worried a lot

In this entry, I shall do my apologize

I’d like to give more information regarding the case for you

However, for now I haven’t known the exact details of the case

Therefore I couldn’t afford you anymore information

Every year, we’re traveling to many different cities for a-nation

I always feel different exaltation feeling depending on the location
The selfishness to being joyful all by myself

Next arena is Ehime.

The place where we had such fond memory from last year

Everyone’s getting hype and defeated the hot weather. I’m looking forward to that.

source: Max Matsuura Blog
credit: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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