[TRANS+PHOTO] Jaejoong in Magazine

Too beautiful, drinking alone

That smooth hair, skin so white it’s almost like it’s transparent, beautiful arm and chest muscles… In a karaoke lounge, drinking alone in the middle of the counter… there’s no mistaking it, it’s Jaejoong (23) from Tohoshinki.

Unaffected by the tequila, at karaoke he sang enthusiastically to Fukuyama Masaharu’s, Exile’s, and even Tohoshinki’s ballads.

Then, a while after 4 a.m

He exchanges hugs with the staff and the regular customers, and leaves. Even though he’s 3m away, he’s still too beautiful~

That night he sat in the middle of the counter, and on his knee was a chihuahua that had been brought in by another customer, and he was kissing and hugging the dog.

When the customers requested for him to sing a song, he mischievously refused, but he started looking for a song, and the song that played was Fukuyama Masaharu’s ‘Saiai’

The next song he sang was Tohoshinki’s hit song, Doushite~ and as a token of gratitude, the customers from the shop bought him tequila.

The last song he sang was Ti Amo by EXILE, and sometimes he sang in Korean (!!)

He left the place at around 4 am

T/N: seems like he was slightly drunk when he left

Photo credit: AlwaysJJ
Trans by: Hajargiler@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights
Do not remove any credits


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