[Fanfic] Deadly Vota — An Assassin Story (Forewords)


The pink flush of a maiden’s cheek, her luscious red lips.


A drop of perfume on her skin, a scent that lingers in one’s nose and mind.


A giggle, a chuckle and a smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes.


Fingers that are icy to the touch, fingers that leave a trail of dizzy excitement.


A sickly sweet metallic tang that fills one’s mouth, a taste that lasts a lifetime.

The world is often divided into black and white; however there is still that hazy grey area that few people are aware of. It is a zone of mindless matters, where the distinction between right and wrong is blurred, where murder can be seen as a mere task. At the heart of this madness, we find a group of people, I beg your pardon, what I meant was a group of assassins, female ones mind you. A lethal clan born of darkness but encased in the soft silky skin of a woman. But we’re not interested in how this clan began. Our story begins with the Eighth Generation, where three deadly assassins are entrusted with a mission, one of great importance and danger, one that would bring the past, present and future into a web of turmoil. Truths are twisted; emotions are manipulated while life and death is a struggle between the powerful and weak; it is a journey of no return.


I’ve been toying around with the whole idea of assassins after Naked Weapon, and decided to write a story based on this concept and incorporated other themes like love, hate, betrayal, power, time … you name it. I’m not that much of an experienced writer, considering that this is my first ever fanfic, but I must say it is (as I am still in the midst of writing it) satisfying to see the story take a more… defined shape. Before I bore you all with my constant pratter, do take a look at the cast done by my lovely beta Kiryu.

TaTa and enjoy the story!:)

– Steph


(Casting Director – Kiryu)


Kim Jaejoong as Crown Prince Jaejoong

Jung Yunho as Second Prince Yunho

Park Yoochun as Third Prince Yoochun

Kim Junsu as Fourth Prince Junsu

Shim Changmin as Fifth Prince Changmin

Sick King

Daughter of Nyx:

Gillian Chung as Ker

Leah Dizon as Lyssa

Bae Seul Gi as Eris

Maggie Q as Nyx VIII

鍾欣凌 Zhong Xin Ling as Greta

Angela 张韶涵 as Princess Misaki

Karen Mok as Pansy

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