2PM’s Nickhun Is Your Tour Guide in Thailand

HOT NEWS For the 2PM’s Hottests!

According to allkpop (yes i’m like a regular reader there XD) the Tourism Authority of Thailand is planning to send 200 fans to Phuket in Southern Thailand where – wait for it – NICKHUN HIMSELF WILL BE YOUR TOURGUIDE!!!

This party is slated to happen in October but I haven’t seen concrete proof yet of any kind of contest or whatever way for this to come true. But just in case they aren’t kidding be sure to keep tabs on this site: http://nichkhunbreak.com/

In the meantime enjoy the tourism CF and the full song of the CF XD

Credit: 2pmthailand + symbelmyns@YT

BONUS! Nickhun’s Promo Pics!









Source: allkpop

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress



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2 responses to “2PM’s Nickhun Is Your Tour Guide in Thailand

  1. Queen B

    i wan to go the trip as KHUN is the tour guide…i dun knw whr can get his latest news like all these,can u pls tell me?
    send me a mail or msn in stevenkss1000@hotmail.com

  2. HI Nickhun i really like what you do! buk I want to see you play movie.

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