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2PM Rates High Among Other Kpop Stars

People just can’t seem to get enough of these seven cuties, and that includes even celebrities. See what stars like Lee Hyori, Solbi, and Chaeyeon have been saying about the current darlings of k-pop:

“2PM is the general trend now. I am obsessed with them these days.”
-Singer Lee Hyori on MBC Come to Play

“Before HaHa, who’s in the army right now, comes back, I want to go on a secret date with 2PM’s Jaebeom.”
-Broadcaster Ahn Hye Kyung on MBC Come to Play

“Singer Lee Soo Young is currently obsessed with 2PM, so whenever they come on TV, she goes up and touches the screen.”
-Comedian Park Kyung Lim on KBS Happy Together

“Whenever I see 2PM these days, my heart momentarily shakes.”
-Singer Chaeyeon on KBS Star Golden Bell

“When I think about their looks, I like 2PM’s Nichkhun.”
-Singer Yoona of Girls’ Generation/SNSD on KBS Champagne

“2PM’s Nichkhun is the first celebrity I went up to first and begged to take a picture together.”
-Singer Solbi on Mnet Ice Princess

“If 2PM’s Nichkhun asks me to marry him, I would say yes right away.”
-Announcer Park Eun Young on KBS Yuhyoomanman 

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2PM’s Nickhun Is Your Tour Guide in Thailand

HOT NEWS For the 2PM’s Hottests!

According to allkpop (yes i’m like a regular reader there XD) the Tourism Authority of Thailand is planning to send 200 fans to Phuket in Southern Thailand where – wait for it – NICKHUN HIMSELF WILL BE YOUR TOURGUIDE!!!

This party is slated to happen in October but I haven’t seen concrete proof yet of any kind of contest or whatever way for this to come true. But just in case they aren’t kidding be sure to keep tabs on this site: http://nichkhunbreak.com/

In the meantime enjoy the tourism CF and the full song of the CF XD

Credit: 2pmthailand + symbelmyns@YT

BONUS! Nickhun’s Promo Pics!

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Jaejoong’s Mother Is the Next Korean Idol??


her audition starts ard 5:15…

Credits: twirlybox@YT

haah! I think the episode where she sings isn’t out yet. I’ll keep a look out for that. But the judges’ reactions were absolutely priceless! I bet they’re thinking like ‘This lady better be able to sing or her ‘daughter-in-lawS’ are gonna skin me alive!’ hahaha~

source: the_lost_city@allkpop

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress.com


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Introducing Chibikko Tohoshinki

Was browsing allkpop when i came across this super cute Japanese DBSK fanboy! XD

Here’s two vids showing him dancing to STW & Mirotic :

Credit: 1takahiko10@YT

I love the mirotic one to bits haha but his parents better be prepared to get him glasses real soon hehe~

There was also some info shared about ‘Chibikko Tohoshinki’:

First name: Kousei
Favorite members: Jaejoong and Changmin (soulfighter! XD)
Interests: Tohoshinki, Eating, Legos 
Favorite Songs: Summer Dream, Rising Sun, Somebody To Love

Source: samlet@allkpop
Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress

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[Fanfic] Deadly Vota — An Assassin Story (Chp 1)

Daughters Of Nyx

The girl walked into the lonely alleyway, the dim moonlight casting her soft shadow across the dusty path. Her small slim figure flitted between the shadows as she silently made her way towards the back of the mansion. She was barely of age, a sweet young thing of sixteen, yet prowled the dangerous streets in the depths of the night. Her straight shoulder length hair was tied back into a tight ponytail and it swished gently as she climbed smoothly over the wall. Her eyes were bright and alert and her face calm; only her soft quick rapid breaths gave away a hint of her emotion, excitement.

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[Fanfic] Deadly Vota — An Assassin Story (Forewords)


The pink flush of a maiden’s cheek, her luscious red lips.


A drop of perfume on her skin, a scent that lingers in one’s nose and mind.


A giggle, a chuckle and a smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes.


Fingers that are icy to the touch, fingers that leave a trail of dizzy excitement.


A sickly sweet metallic tang that fills one’s mouth, a taste that lasts a lifetime.

The world is often divided into black and white; however there is still that hazy grey area that few people are aware of. It is a zone of mindless matters, where the distinction between right and wrong is blurred, where murder can be seen as a mere task. At the heart of this madness, we find a group of people, I beg your pardon, what I meant was a group of assassins, female ones mind you. A lethal clan born of darkness but encased in the soft silky skin of a woman. But we’re not interested in how this clan began. Our story begins with the Eighth Generation, where three deadly assassins are entrusted with a mission, one of great importance and danger, one that would bring the past, present and future into a web of turmoil. Truths are twisted; emotions are manipulated while life and death is a struggle between the powerful and weak; it is a journey of no return.


I’ve been toying around with the whole idea of assassins after Naked Weapon, and decided to write a story based on this concept and incorporated other themes like love, hate, betrayal, power, time … you name it. I’m not that much of an experienced writer, considering that this is my first ever fanfic, but I must say it is (as I am still in the midst of writing it) satisfying to see the story take a more… defined shape. Before I bore you all with my constant pratter, do take a look at the cast done by my lovely beta Kiryu.

TaTa and enjoy the story!:)

– Steph

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[NEWS] Park Ji-Seon & Xiah Junsu

TVXQ’s Xiah received a love call line from an idol killer gagwoman Park Ji-Seon.

The love call line where Park Ji-Seon was having conversation with Xiah was recorded for the first time at KBS2 TV “Free Bets” (T/N: not sure about the show name)

source: Newsen
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic

I remember her!!! She wanted to “marry” Jonghyun and Onew in their reality show XD


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Yunho and cast “Heading to the Ground” meeting

More here


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Yunho filming drama Part 2

More here

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Junsu’s solo activities to be announced soon

The announcement of TVXQ’s second half year plan which includes the acting debut from 3 of TVXQ members: Jaejoong for “Heaven’s Postman”, Yunho for “Heading to The Ground”, and Changmin for “Paradise Meadow” is getting a lot of concerned. How high the loyalty of their fans to actually watch the dramas of their idols has become a topic to talk about.

Meanwhile, stick in musical activities, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong in duet project is targeting Japan market. Their duet song, “COLORS~Melody and Harmony” was introduced for the first time at TVXQ’ concert in Tokyo Dome in early July. The single itself is scheduled to be released and broadcast in late September. The song is produced especially for image song of Japan’s popular character “Hello Kitty 35th anniversary”.

As for Junsu, the only member whose solo activity hasn’t announced yet, there’s still running a careful discussion for his various activities plan including music recording so that he will soon in synergized with other members.

SM entertainment said, “Actually the member who comes out first with solo activity is Junsu who formed AnyBand back then in 2007 for a cellphone CF.”

“The activity plan which will reveal his true talent for both Korea and Japan stage will be announced soon.”

source: donga.com
summarized trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic


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