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A heartbreaking and lonely farewell portrayed by the amazing harmonization of these 5 people.
They’ve released their new single while having their Arena and Tokyo Dome tour.
They also shared their opinion on ideal families with us, and this is worth expecting.

Tohoshinki, who have completed their national tour and performed at the Tokyo Dome for the first time with 2 successful lives, brings their new summer single “Stand by U”. This piece of work, from start to finish, leaves its sad melody in the heart of the listeners. You can also call it a continuation piece from “Why did I like you”, as it is a song which depicts the steadfast love of a man. This time, the interview was done while their national tour was still on-going and when Junsu’s leg injury had just healed, and he could be active on stage again. Of course, besides questions about the new song, we will also reveal things about Junsu, who have managed to retain his innocence until today. This is an issue worth collecting.


— First, let’s hear what Junsu has to say about the tour this time around.
JS: It really became unforgettable memories. Although I injured my foot before the tour began and when I thought that I couldn’t stand on the stage and dance with everyone, I felt really down initially. After that, there was the waiting period for the actual performance to arrive… I had really bad feelings. What should I do? After getting hurt, I thought it would be fine (to perform), but when I went to the hospital, it was a definite no. Even though the members told me they would wait until I recovered, but to be honest, I still felt the pressure in my heart.

YH: When the 5 of us could dance together again, the feeling was extraordinary.

JJ: We felt really blessed.

— The new song “Stand by U” was revealed during this tour.
JJ: Because no one has heard this song and we didn’t know what the reaction would be like, we really felt worried. But, just after we started singing, there were female fans who cried, and the male fans were also very absorbed, so we got reassurance amongst the worries.

JS: In the first half, I kept looking at the fans, and everyone made different expressions while listening. That one song can evoke so many different emotions, it was a little surprising.

— They could finally reminisce while listen quietly to the song.
CM: Through the lyrics, you can feel the reality of what it’s saying. Although I’ve not experienced it yet, it’s a feeling that only a man can feel.

JJ: I can relate to the part that says “anticipating your name when I get a call”

YH: I can related to the lyrics that say “seeing your back view and meeting you again”. In the past, while walking on the streets, there were times when I walked pass the person I liked. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t have the courage. Just as I was thinking about what to do, the person is suddenly walking in my direction.

— Maybe it’s a miraculous second meeting?
YH: No, it’s just the opposite. Just like what the lyrics say, it’s someone else completely. Although it’s nerve-wrecking, it’s still better not to gather the courage to go up and talk (laugh)

JJ: Ah~~ I’ve experienced this a few times.

YH: The feelings that you once had, even if you forget them, once your remember, they become good memories too.

— After that, will you still buy the perfume used by the other person?
YC: Ah, it’s just like you say. The person’s smell still lingers.

JJ: You must have a memory that is deeply embedded in your mind, one you can’t forget no matter how hard you try.

YH: Men will definitely relate to this feeling, and women will understand through the song. Even though the distance gets further and further, it won’t change the man’s feelings. If the song makes you treasure those memories even more, we’ll be more than satisfied.

— Your singing voices carry the bitterness of the male lead’s feelings.
JS: When listening to this song, your feelings will be drawn into the song. So this time, we sang it with our true feelings. I think it would be great if we could use our voices to express the bitterness of the male lead. To get this, I even put myself in his shoes. This way, singing while pretending that the lyrics are words I want to express to the other person; these are the feelings I have while performing.

YH: Our performances for this song could possibly be the most natural to date.

— In the MV, there’s a scene where there are multiple members appearing one after another.
YH: That’s a trick where we split our bodies (laugh)
JS: But it seems like our bodies were not joint back properly, especially Yunho (laugh)
YH: No such thing
JS: No no, it was never enough in the first place
YH: If this were in the video, it would be a little embarrassing
JS: So, let’s return to the question. The MV this time is simple and cool.

— Although it’s simple, the song and harmonization is exceptional, the filming was also interesting.
JJ: It was filmed with the mindset of “no matter when, I’ll always be here”.
JS: Whether is day or night, I’ll always be here.
YH: Although there are times when you can’t meet the other, isn’t it good to miss the other occasionally?
JS: But everyone will always be with me, right?
CM: (immediately) Okay, that’s enough. (everyone laughs)
CM: Although being with Junsu makes you happy, but there are times you (T/N: Junsu) feel tired too, so for the sake of yourself and everyone, please take a break sometimes (laugh)


— If you have children in future, how would Junsu like to bring them up?
JS: I want to wait until the child is 3 years old, before finding out his interests, then focus on developing the child’s talents.

— Ah! Bring them up according to talent!
JS: Yes, to the best of my abilities!

— So, that means that the child can decide the contents?
JS: Yes, it’s like that. I loved soccer since I was young, and I played it often. If I have a son, I’d like to teach him how to play soccer, if he could become a professional player in future that would be good; there’s a lot of thoughts like this. But if the child doesn’t do well in soccer, or has no interest, I can’t force him to either, right?

— You won’t force him?
JS: Yes. I won’t force him to do things he doesn’t enjoy. I should still respect my child’s opinions, to let him make his own decisions.

— From the little things, I can tell that Junsu wants an education focused on the talent, and is more concerned on his growth.
JS: Yes. Rather than a child, I’d rather we be like friends.

— By the way, do you prefer a boy or girl?
JS: It would be great if I could have 2 boys and a girl.

— Is there a preferred sequence?
JS: First a boy, then followed by a boy again, then it would be best if the last was a girl. Regarding the future, I’ve already thought about it since high school.

— You started thinking from such a young age?
JS: Yes. I like to plan my future, but there are conditions, and it’s impossible if I’m not a mature adult yet (laugh)

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