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Why we love DBSK

I love this set of videos!!!

Micky Yoochun♥

Hero Jaejoong

U-know Yunho

Max Changmin

Xiah Junsu

credits: wenlinahbe + Credits to those who own some of the videos used in this video! credits given at the end of the video.


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Yunho in drama ‘Heading to the ground’

I know I am late on this news T_T I’m still catching up on what I missed out over the past few days and saw this news over at spazzes@wordpress

Anyway, I was reading other blogs too and Go Ara is confirmed as the female lead. I’m really worried though, DBSK’s schedule is already so packed! I hope they let him get some rest and that he remains healthy while he keeps flying between Japan and Korea.


Sources: My Daily, Newsis

Credits: dramabeans

Ha! Just days after refuting the rumors, it has been announced that 23-year-old DBSK singer U-Know Yunho is indeed making his acting debut in the soccer drama Heading to the Ground [맨땅에 헤딩].

The singer, born Jung Yun-ho, takes on the character of “Cha Bong-kun,” a role recently vacated by Kim Rae-won because of Kim’s mandatory army obligation. To achieve the impossible goal of making it as a national player, the character pours all his passion into realizing the dream. While he “has nothing to his name, the drama tells the miraculous success story of passionate soccer player Cha Bong-kun.”

U-Know Yunho said of the role, “I really like the character of Cha Bong-kun. Reading the script, my heart overflowed with emotion. I want to act that feeling with sincerity.”

Heading to the Ground follows the Wednesday-Thursday horror drama Hon on MBC and premieres on September 9. No confirmation yet on the casting of his love interest, although Go Ara remains in contention

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[Admin/Mod] Shinki! Forums-Pieces of Shinki

Pieces Of Shinki

When Does It Start and End?
July 31st, 11:00 PM Pacific – To August 6th, 11:00PM Pacific Time

What Is The Prize?

The prize is any DBSK single of your choice, CD only version.
Click any of the pictures above to find out more:)

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MV for Melody and Harmony

Hey everyone, we are really sorry for disappearing for 3 days:( We have been really busy and haven’t been able to update but we are back now:)- (Taqiah is back from Europe and I am starting a new term in school) We will be reading comments and replying them soon!

Product information:
Extremely popular vocal group Tohoshinki has formed a new unit/couple! Members Jaejoong and Yoochun has started yet another project. The song 「COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~」written and arranged by the two, which was performed at Tokyo Dome, has been released! This will be the title song of Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary. Here is (this product included) the PV to 「COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~」, plus extra footage which is also included in the DVD.

This means there will be a MV for the single

Credits: http://toho-jp.net/discography/+YesAsia
Translation: Sakurako @ DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic
Do not take out without full credits!


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[TRANS] Nikkan Sports THSK Article

The Gods” who Brings Up The Hottest Summer

The 4th Session in A-Nation


The name who has awaken the entire pop world. Tohoshinki, their popularity and talent are growing rapidly. After making debut in 2005, they’re experiencing a steady high-speed growth until now. In August a-nation 09 held in Nagai stadium (29th, 30th), as reported by Korea Daily News, they would make the 4th times appearance. In addition of the first concert at Tokyo Dome which turned to be successful, Tohoshinki, for has been noticed, is running their very own “best summer”.

A Crushing Force

Tohoshinki is having their sweeping attack. Yunho, the leader, “We just happened to finally realize that our popularity is growing high recently. It’s an unbelievable feeling. Thank you very much for that.” he said in wide smile. Hero Jejung who is responsible as the main vocal of the group explained what it means by just realizing their popularity. “More people now could suddenly aware of our appearance” he said. “Before, when I had no make up on, I could walk around without everyone notice, but now, even when I’m wearing a hat to undercover, people just suddenly knows. For example, when I’m in convinience store, I could hear people starts to questioning who is me, like ‘Don’t you think he’s just like TVXQ member?’ and another one will say ‘No, he couldn’t be!’” Jejung laughed. “But I better pretend not to hear anything.”

The desire for the 5th stage

Does not lose the original intention even when popularity and capability are zooming

The most eye-catching thing among the members is the increasing number of male fans. “We heard for this year, the number of male fans who get interest to us is increasing plentifully. They said we had good songs. I must say, as an artist, this is overjoyed me much.” Yunho said. However, as an idol group, there’s one possible thing that can’t be avoidable. Following an increasing popularity, is a rapid decreasing of privacy. “We can’t have a truly rest day. There’s no day where you can actually relax all day.” (Hero Jejung), good thing that all members are still in their beginning 20 years old. It’s an agony for popular stars, however, “The hard moments when we have to work all day, abandoning our resting time, yet when we come up the stage in many regions to see a lot of people coming to our concert… the hard times are swept away.” (Park Yuchon) said to keep on faithful day by day. Since 2004 in Japan, five of them are still living together in a mansion in Tokyo downtown. “We talk about a lot of things. We talk about music, about game, about anything people in their 20 years talking. There’s always Junsu who keeps telling jokes. No matter what, we always want to be like this, the five of us. Things we’re impossible to do alone, becomes possible when we all five people do together.” Yunho said proudly about the good teamwork in them.

Hero Jejung on behalf of other 5 members talked about the 5th a-nation, “It’s a great show with a lot of artists performing, there are many people who are not our fans as well. How we can live up the stage with our power, that’s the burden of this big stage.” Yunho added, “Also there are many collaboration stages we can’t do with a lot of artists before, that can be done on this stage. I’m so looking forward to it.” he showed his desire.

Awaken (We’re aiming for a new Tohoshinki’s goal)

Changmin revealed, “Until now, I still have the rookie feeling whenever we perform that never changes.” he told in calm expression of him.

“Of course we’re looking forward to get awards like anyone else. However, to get that, it’s not likely that we will do something we won’t do. We will just work our best, and see how’s the result later. Being number one is not always the most important thing.” Yunho said emphatically.

Ever since January 2008 release “Purple Line” until April this year relese “Share The World”, they already have six continuous Oricon Weekly Chart 1st singles (except planning work). They have become the first foreign artist that record such success. It’s in the end, a result of them not losing their original intention everytime they create a new record album.

source: Nikkan Sports
credits :jaejung love goods
Trans : sharingyoochun.wordpress
Shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic


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2PM Stage for Taec + Young

I’m gonna call Wooyoung Young kay hehe 🙂 Ahh! I missed their goodbye stage but i’ll dig that up and have it here soon.

Taec & Young are gonna be SBS Inkigayo MCs along with actress Ha Yeon Jo!

Credit: codemonmonseason3@YT

AND! JYP suggests a 2PM album in the works:


can’t wait! XD


Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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[INFO] GMM Inter. Sales Ranking

1. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (C version)
2. SHINee – The 2nd Mini-Album Romeo
3. Tohoshinki – Share The World
4. AJ – The Episode a New Hero

Source: GMM Inter

Credit: kika@ shineee.net+sapphire pearls
Shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic


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[PHOTOS] Bigeastation Photos – JaeChunSu

source: jfn.co.jp/toho
credit: dnbn
Shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic


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[VIDEO] “Please Tell Me” Bigeastation121-JaeYooSu

Credits: whisperpuppies
shared by: dbsknights + fanaholic


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Zoom In Special – DBSK w/o makeup

Zoom In Special Program will reveal who DBSK’s favorite Korean gourmet critics are, and also show the faces of DBSK without make-up on – quite a rare sight!

Shizuoka Daiichi Television, Yamagata Broadcasting Co., YTV, Hiroshima TV will broadcast the show on August 2nd.

Other broadcasting stations will be airing the show, look here to see where and when:

Credits: tvxqcn.ifensi.com + 東方神起百度帖吧
Trans: shaine@sweetfig.blogspot
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot + DBSKnights


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