[TRANS] 090721 DBSK Thank you Mail


Our fans have given us a lot of fan mails, and we are very thankful to all of you out there. No matter how rough our day was in the past, our mood would have been lightened when we read our fan mail.

Thank-you Cassiopeia! ^^

In the past, we have seen some very… er… extraordinary/abnormal and interesting fan mails… [laughs] And it was very fun reading all of our fan mails.

Thank you Cassiopeia. We would really like to give all of you a reply to all of your fan mails, but we are really sorry, because we have a tight schedule that we have to follow. ><

We will work very hard Cassiopeia!


Source: tvxqpalace.com
Translated by: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @ OneTVXQ.com



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2 responses to “[TRANS] 090721 DBSK Thank you Mail

  1. Lilly

    Hey guys ,

    talking about sending them fan mail do they have a physical address in Japan for fans to send stuff, jus wondering cause they seem to be in japan most of the time , if anybody know please help a fellow fangirl out :-), Thanks in advance !!! I do have the SM Ent address in seoul but they are neva in korea these days 😦 I’m in New Zealand so doesnt really bother me as long as I have u guys, but i thought if i send something japan sounds like a better possibility cause they’r there LOL!!

    • fanaholic

      denise: They should be returning to korea soon, in Sep perhaps? after a-nation. Normally they spent the latter half of the year in Korea. I’m not too sure if it is reliable to send directly to SM- not sure if the presents really do get to dbsk. They are under Avex in Japan, not sure if they get the stuff either. Normally for overseas fans, we send by a group? Forums etc, do organize birthday projects where they will send the gifts to the boys:) Hope that helps! btw when did u become a jaejoong fan?

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