Rain models for ELLE

Rain’s line Six-to-Five just keeps getting better and better! The clothes are the perfect mix of urban styles, preppy and vintage – you must admit, the man has style.

Once again, he models his line Six-to-Five, this time it’s for the August issue of Elle Magazine. The shoot took place in the Alps of Southern France though it looks like it was taken in the mid-western part of the US on a farm. Either way – baby is looking fine, even with his Goo Jun Pyo pama.

During the shoot, a lot of Europeans recognized our small-eyed friend, asked him for autographs and supposedly some even chased after his car between shoots… and some of you say, “What world star?”

Also, expect to see him at Kyunghee University’s ‘Hall of Peace’ on the 26th for the “2009 Global Fan Meeting”.

credits: allkpop~

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