Only ZOOM Knows About This Side of Tohoshinki

This afternoon afternoon, (I) left the house and headed to the recording venue to observe the environment.
The recording took place at BODONAMU, on the 7th of July.
Talking about the 7th of July, it was the day for the Oronamin C press conference.
Though it’s a eating program, it was busy, too.

Saw the Tokyo Dome performance, I wish to quickly see it on DVD~
After the self-introduction, we were allowed to taste Jaejoong’s cooking~!
If we asked for it, it would come to us anytime and fast.

THSK’s recommended dishes:
#5: BBQ meat
The BBQ meat is like BBQ pork.
There’s lots of juice in it, delicious.

#4: Kimchi jjigae
We had long heard about this!
Korean tofu, etc. are mixed together~
Jaejoong said that putting this with rice while eating… makes the person sitting beside you want to eat it, as well. (laughs)

#3: Bibimbap
Adding sausages, turkey, red pepper~
Jaejoong was asked by the members to cook this dish! And ramen!?

#2: Seafood soup
It tastes like chicken soup.
It was cooked beforehand, following the members’ request.

#1: Tokurare (T/N: Not too sure what is it… but I’m hungry now. =X)
It’s like hamburger?
This is not the members’ interview~

(People) were asking how the food reported was cooked. Even experts said they were good.

Putting the members into family…
Dad… Yunho
Mum… Jaejoong
Brother… Changmin
Youngest… Yoochun
Pet… Junsu
This kind of setting.

Junsu is everyone’s love
Jaejoong even said so
“Oasis in the desert”
“The light in the darkness”
something like this

You have to go to BODONAMU for sure.

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Translation: mel @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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