THSK- Pati-Pati August Issue: What Kind of Family Do You Want?

What Kind of Family Do You Want?


When you have children in the future, how JUNSU will raise them?
When my children turn 3, I want to direct them to concentrate on something so that it can stretch their talents and abilities from the very young.

Educate their talent.

Yes. Strictly!

So, what kind of training that will be up for the children?

I have always been into soccer when I grow up. So it would be nice if my child is a boy, that he turns to be a soccer player. But if my son is not good in soccer, then it’s impossible to make him as soccer player, right?

That would be forcing the child.

Yes. That’s why I don’t want to force my child to do anything. I want to respect my child’s opinion. There are things that suit someone that doesnt suit the others.

So you want to decide what kind of interest that suits the children from the very soon. JUNSU, seem that you will raise them with independence.

Yes. I want to be friends with them, more than only child and parent relationship.

By the way, which one you prefer to have, son or daughter?

2 boys and 1 girl will be nice.

Is there a preferred order?
First a boy, then a boy again. And a girl in the end. Frankly, I’ve been thinking about this since I’m in junior high.

– Since that early!?
I like to plan everything or think of my future. But I have to be an adult first, more than anything (laughs).


What is Yoochun’s ideal family?

I want a lovely wife and 2 daughters.

All females?

Ah, but I think I want boys too~

Then, 2 daughters and 1 son?

No, I don’t want 3.


I want less children, small in number. If it’s possible, one is enough.

Oh really? If that’s so, then you can give all your love to just one child?

That’s one the reason. But I also can give more attention to my wife.

So, you want to always be lovers with your wife, even after you get married?

Yes! It would be nice to be in romance with my wife everyday and always be happy together.

Your wife will be a happy person. Just by imagining it, I can figure a sweet scene already

If there are a lot of kids, time to have romance with your wife will be interrupted, isnt that so?


That’s why I don’t want many kids.

I see~. But Yoochun, you have the image that you would completely spoil your kids.

Yes. There’s nothing wrong with that (laugh). But if my child does something bad, I will be very mad.

I think it will be very scary when a nice Yoochun gets mad.

But technically, I will give my child freedom. Whether it’s music or sports, I want to let them do what they want.


– YUNHO’s ideal family structure?

I want a wife with 2 daughters and 1 son. It will looks nice.

– The order, by the way?

The order I want is a boy, a boy, and a girl.

The boys’ age gap can be close, while the girl is about 4-5 years from her brothers. That’s the ideal.

– What kind of father YUNHO be? To see that you’re so well taking care others, seems that you’ll be so doting father. Especially to the daughter.

Being lovely is a certain. I think I cant help it (laughs).

– However, you dont have the image that you’ll spoil them?

Sometime I will spoil them. But for manners and etiquette I will strictly teach them, I dont want them to trouble other people.

– Seems that your kids will resemble YUNHO and will be mature. By the way, what do you want your kids to become?

Oh, anything! I want them to be whatever they want to be.

– So you’ll respect your children’s decision?

I’m allowed to do what I want to do right now. I’m so respect my parents for that. That’s why I want to support whatever my children want to do. I’ll take care anything from behind.

– You seem to be a nice and understanding father.

Yet still I’m such a force guy right now, it’s impossible to do that for now.

– Is that so?

I’m lacking in experience, so to build a nice family and be a great person to support my child, I have to work hard, and learn in many experiences.

CHANGMINHow many kids do you want it the future?

I want 2 sons


It’s unnecessary


Daughter will go and get married, right? When that happens, I think I cant stand the loneliness

You have even already imagined this thing!
If I’m going to experience such pain, it would be better for me not to have any daughter to begin.

You sound like a father who’s going to give up his daughter already (laughs)

I have ever heard a story like that. I realize it’s tough to be a father of daughter. As for me, I think it would best to love the wife of my son as a daughter, when he gets married.

But what if your son takes time to get married?

It’s really not a problem.

Then, how do you want to raise your son?

I want him to be like me (laughs).

Oo, become an artist?

No, I never thought specifically like that. If my son wants to be an artist, I will support him. It’s really not a problem.

If the other members are in the same age, and they’re all boys, will you think they will form TOHOSHINKI Junior?

No, I’ll stop that. To think how JUNSU’s son would be… to have the large freedom in him. My son won’t stand him. I will definitely refuse in advance (laughs).


– JEJUNG, how many children do you want in the future?

For how many, I think it depends on the health of my wife. But I want a lot of them.

– That’s like JEJUNG’s own family. Because there are many people, everyday feels so fun?

It’s really fun. The fight might be a lot as well, but since there are many members in the family, when there something happens, we can always rely to each other, we unite. It’s amazing when a family ties together like that.

– Certainly encouraging.

Yet to feed (T/N: take care) such large group of people, I need to work hard. I dont want it to become burden of my wife. If the health condition is not too good, three children only will still make a good fit.

– Mixed boys and girls?

Two girls as elders and the youngest one is a boy.

– Why?

It says the youngest boy, will be goodlooking!

– It’s so JEJUNG (eldest son, the youngest child of nine siblings)

No, no (laughs)

– But if the boy turns to be someone like you, he surely be a handsome guy!

No no (laughs). Not to be someone like me it’s still good too. But if he looks like my wife, then it will be great.

– So your wife has to be someone who is beautiful.

The more important thing is not the look, but the beauty of her heart.

– What will you say if your kids want to be like their Dad?

If my children seriously want to sing, then I wont against them. But I won’t force them to be. My priority is I want to support them more than anything else.

source: Pati-Pati August issue
credit: xiahyu-ri@ameblo
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic


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