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Oricon Star Style Magazine Interview

– The new single is a sad love song and portrays the heart of a man.

– Its yet again another sad love song, what were your feelings when you first heard it?
JS: The first time I heard the song, I felt that it was indeed a good song. Although we usually feel that way when we hear a new song but the feeling this time was very strong and I felt eager to record it and release it.
YH: At the start, I was wondering if the atmosphere of the song would be too similar with “Why I Like You” (23rd Single) but after looking at the lyrics, I felt that it was even more matured than “Why I Like You” and felt that I could also understand those feelings. The content was enough to make a guy think of his past.
CM: Indeed, the lyrics of the song are very realistic. Males would feel that it’s almost similar to one of their experiences. That kind of feeling is very easy to imagine. Although it is a sad song, but it does not make one cry, instead, it has a kind of matured loneliness feeling to it. One might not show his sadness but deep inside, the pain is intolerable. Furthermore, there is a spark of hope that the male lead holds inside and I think that is a song that portrays a man’s real feeling.
JJ: On the whole, it is a very lonely song but it contains a very deep meaning. Even if it is a departure without any form of greeting but there hangs a form of missing. I will always be here so could you please hurry home. I think this kind of mentality is perfect and some people might think it’s very sad but it is because the main lead really cherishes his love life and it also because of this that the sadness and hurt can be conveyed easily.
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