More Info About 35th Anniversary Theme Song of Hello Kitty‏

Hello Kitty official website yesterday updated about Yuchon and Jejung’s self-composed song which becomes theme song of anniversary with H.U.B as the lyricist.


Theme song of 35th Anniversary of Hello Kitty!

Top 5 members group Tohoshinki opened their first Dome concert on July 4th and was introducing the 13th song “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony~” in Jejung and Yuchon’s duet performance. The song is becoming the 35th anniversary theme song of Hello Kitty.

Yuchon and Jejung will be the singers of this Hello Kitty’s COLORS.

CD release is still to be determined. It’s expected by September, the song will be BGM (background music) in all Sanrio Company Ltd, shops in entire country♪

Theme Song:

COLORS 〜 Melody and Harmony 〜

Lyrics: HUB Composition, arrangement: Youngwoong Jaejoong, Yucheon
Yucheon Youngwoong Jaejoong from Dong Bang Shin Ki

source: Hello Kitty official web + dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

shared by: fanaholic


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