TVXQ: “It’s a dream to finally complete the Dome Concert.”

TVXQ who debuted in Japan in 2005 had a dream to hold a successful solo concert in Tokyo Dome.
On the last two days, July 4th and 5th, in total of production cost of 3,000,000,000 yen (approx 400 billion won), TVXQ finally held the first concert at Japan’s Tokyo Dome, mobilizing total 300,000 audiences in their “TVXQ 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 The Secret Code”.
The following is interview with TVXQ after their Tokyo Dome concert finished.

>> How do you feel after finishing Japan tour of 9 cities and 21 stages?

“The tour is more than just the number of performances was done. I feel like it’s something I heard more quickly. The food and each region’s dialect is unique characteristics you can expose in the many different cultures, which makes it fun to have a tour around the country.”

It still feels very real to us, all these concert series. Especially the finale at Tokyo Dome, we still can feel the after effect of it. We are really touched as we had been already talking about having performances at Tokyo Dome among members ever since we first advanced to Japan.”
>> One interesting episode of the tour was?
Just like last year, the band, dancers, and staffs — in the middle of tour schedule — went to hotspring to solve fatigue. You could see things you normally couldn’t see from each other. We feel a lot closer, it was really fun.
>> Do you have a place which has the most memorable performance? Why?
I think all members has the most memory of stage in Sapporo.
Junsu who had been absence for the dance performances at the beginning of the tour due to injury finally recovered and was back to dance again in Sapporo stage.
When the whole 5 members were completely on stage, TVXQ finally looked perfect again, I felt complete.
>> What was prepared especially for the Tokyo Dome concert?
In addition to existing songs from the tour, members were preparing their solo or duet.
The audiences were about 50,000 people, so as it’s a large-scale performance, we have to look for ways to use the huge space effectively. Thus, other than main stage, we also added sub stage and boat show in Dome so that the stage becomes more lively as we can place more dancers on stage.
In addition, as part of the stage, there was moving arena/vehicle and we add more special effects as well. We’re not trying to be pretentious, but we just want to take advantage of Dome as a venue for a large-scale performance.
>> How do you feel as the first South Korea group who stood at Tokyo Dome for the first time?
Being the first is a great significance to our career in Japan, but more than that, our goal in Dome is to have the best performance. I’m glad we can achieve it quicker than ever.
When we first came to Japan, once we knew that only top singers who could perform in Dome, the members had been talking to each other whether we could ever perform in Dome?
Thus to achieve that goal, we worked hard… and now, to stand on stage thinking of the 50,000 audiences who were singing and breathing with us, I felt really happy as we united our heart as one.

source: Newsen
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