THSK TSC Staff Report- Tokyo Dome Day 2 part 1

2009/07/05(Sun) 13:39

It has started!!
All of the members are extremely pumped up!!

2009/07/05(Sun) 13:22

Jaejoong is…
Sigining the balls!
What will it be used for?… please look forward to the stage!

2009/07/05(Sun) 13:08

A picture of Changmin and Yunho!
Preparations before rehearsal!

2009/07/05(Sun) 13:08

Yoochun is…
He’s playing the piano in the dressing room…

2009/07/05(Sun) 12:53

Even the members…
They’re in Tokyo Dome!
Junsu immediately had lunch~
Besides these, he grabbed some natto and returned to the dressing room. (laughs)
Let’s heat up the 2nd day of the Dome tour!

Source: Toho report
Credits: Hajargiler@DBSKnights


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