THSK TSC Staff Report- Tokyo Dome Day 2 part 2

2009/07/05 (Sun) 18:01



Everyone, let’s have the best stage show!

2009/07/05 (Sun) 17:59

The Last…

How do you feel?

Now let’s go up stage soon!!!

2009/07/05 (Sun) 17:55


while was recommending the Korean paste!

2009/07/05(Sun) 17:45

Waiting in the booth ♪

Please buy the Korean seaweed ♪

The man who is responsible for fan club final today!
Everyone who wanted to see the last stage of the day!
Sign, shake hands, and take picture, OK!

2009/07/05 (Sun) 17:40


He changed (outfit) already. While now is watching DVD!

2009/07/05 (Sun) 17:39

Til the very end…

Yuchon is still playing piano!

In practicing of the love song by Masaharu Fukuyama!

2009/07/05 (Sun) 17:00

Will eat dinner in the preparation of the stage ~♪

2009/07/05(Sun) 15:50

5 people…
the signed balls!
Colors are chosen by the members (^.^)

2009/07/05 (Sun) 14:00

From the audience’s area…
Looking at the stage, Yuchon (^_^)
and while was, he’s holding up the cushion (laughs)

source: staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic


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