THSK TSC tour@Tokyo Dome- Pre concert fanaccount
Anita and Wendy were staying at the Tokyo Dome hotel. I went over at seven in the morning, and we went to go stand in line at the CD and DVD shop. It didn’t open until ten AM. But we weren’t the first ones there. As the time went by, more and more people lined up after us (we were in the front row of the line). The fans came prepared for the long wait, lol. They had umbrellas to fend off the heat and towels/plastic garbage bags to sit on. They also brought water, paper-like fans, and food.

Then, at half an hour before ten, the shop opened. It opened early, and the three of us quickly followed the crowd in. They only let in a few people at a time. You could buy the Stand By U single (Tokyo Dome version), and also buy ALL of their CDs. They had EVERYTHING, even the nonstop remix albums O_O And they also sold both CD and DVD versions, gave out one poster if you spent enough money (you could choose from ten different ones), and you got a special vinyl bag + card holder thingy (or looks like one) if you spent more. There were also piano books available. Three of us. One of them had the OJBH cover, the other had another album, and the third was the SBU single. I got the last and latest one by luck, because we didn’t know the piano book would be for sale.

After we bought those, we went over to the line for fangoods. HOLY SHIZZ. It was the longest line I have ever seen. At first glance, it only looks like it runs from the stands to the bridge to the plaza. But in reality, the beginning of the line is at the bottom floor. You go up these steps to the plaza – where a maze awaits you. Then you cross the bridge and go over to the stands where they sell the goods. It took three hours.

And then, when we actually got the fangoods, the staff were really patient and calm. They were fast and efficient as well. I believe the three of us lined up for the biggest fangood store (there were three, I think?). And there were 24 different cashiers, so the line moved pretty fast. Only…it was REALLY long =__=

That was all. We were pooped by then, and we stumbled upon the photo selection shop. There was a huge DBSK poster thingy, but the line was long. We didn’t really feel like waiting any more (we were starving by this point), and decided to eat lunch and rest up before the concert.

Photos from `ANITA@iscreamshinki
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