THSK The Secret Code tour in Tokyo Dome – SYC mobile

Sevenkai@LJ arrived to Dome now!


People have been in line for goods and CDs since before 9 am. Insane

I’m in line. Just arrived. It’s so damn hot

We’ll try to give u guys update as much as we could XD


The line for goods is probably 2KM long? LOL and i’m waiting in line XD no individual receipts this time but group msg, Buy CDs (3,000YEN) you’d get a passcase

So for those who are in Japan and haven’t reached to Tokyo Dome yet. This is the lastest news!


The’ve closed the line for good, we’ve been in line for over 2 hours. gate opens at 4pm. Show starts at 6pm.

Ps. the time i kept reporting u is Bangkok time, so it should be 2:12pm in Japan


Kelly: PPl r slowly being let in, in batchees, The sheer amount of ppl is mind-boggling. I’d send u a pic but MMS not working lol and if I manage to send u sms from inside baby, expect lots of typos

Chompoo: sheer amount of ppl?

Kelly: The number of ppl attending the dome concert. Seats are filled all the way 2nd top

==> Guys help me correct the typos from sevenkai lol

3:25 – 3:40pm

Kelly cant send me MMS (pic inside the dome) T__T and cant send to Legra she’s using iphone T__T. So let’s hope the pic will go to Shinta phone safe and sound


Band are doing soundcheck. No J-min to open the show? It’s starting!

Boys look in high spirits! They’re performing Doushite now. Jaejoong sounds good. So does the rest!


Chompoo “I wish I were there. Scream for my Yoochun. Scream Park Yoochun”


Yoochun’s rap. I’m listening to his voice. Just killed me. He sounds so good.


9095 Now. Damn Yunho sounds good


YC was extra sleazed for FORCE lol The look on his face


Heart mind and soul now. A crowd of almost 50,000 keeping quiet is beautiful!!!!!!

5:03 pm

Junsu did the Junjuwa gag! Changmin did Otsukareyama one! Very cute and very fast


New Vid! During ment showing while they prepared themselves for Tokyo Dome with sam-san. Soo stage!



Credits: SharingYoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights + fanaholic


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