[Eng Sub]THSK Stand By U offshot movie

have we shared this yet? anyway i haven’t watched it XD be back to edit, watching this and SHINee’s music core videos now^o^

I really like this video! It’s so them! Junsu is really cute here, getting distracted by birds XD I have no idea what Yunho is doing talking to the doll O_0 I liked the part when JaeChunMin were pretending to play basketball^o^ Yoochun’s butt, rofl! Jaejoog seems fascinated with the camera, apparently it is their first time using a motion- control camera. There’s a part where Yoochun and Jaejoong were playing the piano and for a moment I seriously thought Yoochun was a girl (the back view) I fail as a Yoochun fan XD The last part was nice too, Yoochun bows to like almost everybody after filming ended!

credits: dbsknightsblog3


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