THSK Stand By U – Bigeast Version with Messages

There were really a lot of people who came for the tour,
for that, thank you so much.
While standing on a big stage, we sang together with everyone,
and experienced the same feeling as everyone…
It made me really happy!
No. 1 Bigeast~

One of the songs that I like the most in the whole world.
Everyone, please feel the love through “Stand By U”.

The tune this time, is a mellow LOVE SONG.
Please feel this man’s pain.
Please support Stand By U~!!!

Please look forward to a-nation^^
Everyone, I’m always thankful~

It’s already summer~ ^^
Even though it’s hot,
let’s spend this summer having fun~!!^^

Hello Bigeast!
This is S from the Bigeast staff.

In the Bigeast special version of [Stand By U],
there has been a volume up, resulting in an 8-page booklet.
We love Bigeast a lot. Please support us m(__)m

How does everyone feel after listening to the song?
“The day you left without saying goodbye, it seemed as if the road’s scenery and scent changed”
Anybody would have experienced this at least once, right?
Please think of your own experiences as you listen to it (T_T)
It’s a really good song, so please ask your friends around you to see if they’ve heard it!

Please have this around with you this summer!
Please create a lot of good memories this summer!!

Well then, see you (^_^)/~

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Translation credits:
shared by:dbsknights + fanaholic


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