090701 THSK’s Sales For First Half Of 2009 Brings In KRW$33,000,000,000

Japanese rankings chart, ORICON, revealed the “First half of 2009 Sales Ranking” 30 June. On this sales ranking chart, Tohoshinki ranked #8, bringing in ¥2,500,000,000 (KRW$33,000,000,000).

In first place is their nationally renowned group EXILE, with sales of ¥5,400,000,000, and second place goes to Arashi with sales of ¥4,400,000,000. SMAP and Koda Kumi follow Tohoshinki closely, ranking ninth and tenth place respectively.

As can be seen, Tohoshinki’s impact and status has reached that of the A-list standard.

The sales ranking this time only included the sales of albums, singles and DVDs released this year. If the profits included the sales they made through concerts and advertisement deals, Tohoshinki’s sales results would be even more spectacular. Their national tour will come to an end on the 4th and 5th July, at the Tokyo Dome. Currently, it is difficult to obtain tickets, and ticket prices through bidding, have soared above ¥1,000,000; proof of their indisputable popularity.

With regards to rumours of Tohoshinki disbanding:

On 26th & 27th June, they wrapped up their 3rd Asia Tour in Bangkok, but they will still have concert performances in July and August in Japan. A staff from their management company said, “Up until the end of the year, their performance schedules are extremely tight, and the members think that the rumours of disbanding are ridiculous. Tohoshinki has climbed the ranks of J-pop singers, from the lowest ranks to what they are today, a recognized J-pop group. The results of the ranking this time, also holds a lot of meaning to them.”

Source: [将爱myyunho.com]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
Shared by: heyjj + iscreamshinki.net+dbsknights


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