Rain’s IDOL’s death on his birthday

Rain celebrated his 27th birthday on 25th June and for the first time in ten years, he spent his birthday in Seoul, with his family. It was a happy day for him, until he found out about his idol’s death the very next day, at the airport, on his way to Macau.

Rain is in Macau for his Six to Five Fashion Concert. At the press conference before the fashion concert, Rain told the press that Michael Jackson was his idol since he was young and is the motivation for his dancing. Michael Jackson has definitely affected Rain’s life.

Below is the video clip of the press conference in Macau. The clip also shows Rain wearing white gloves and dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean on KBS Music Bank (2003).

~~ ezekeya

Credit: Kpopped!

Sources: Appledaily, RainHK

Shared by: twistedstars, fanaholic.

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