Suju’s New Movie Will Include 2 DBSK Members!

According to the news, Super Junior will be filming a movie that is based in the modern days. This is a good opportunity for the 13 individual, and different Super Junior members to perform their actual skills. In this movie, two members from TVXQ will be guest-starring, but play important roles in this modern-day movie.

Q: Who in TVXQ will get the two roles?

A:For now, it is unknown.

Super Junior and TVXQ has been gaining more and more fame since their debut, and this movie may boost up their social status in the music industry even more.

Everyone hopes that we will soon see the splendid movie starring all thirteen Super Junior members and two members from TVXQ!

English translation credits: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @

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ahhh!!!! exciting~ i think Yunho and JJ will be acting but.. or maybe Micky?..why can’t they just make a DBSK movie? heheeh


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