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Bigeastation ChunJaeMin

Not sure which episode this is from.

credits: DNBN + fanaholic@wordpress


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THSK Music Fair- Yoochun

So cute!!

More here

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[Eng Sub]THSK -BeeTV Moolog (Hiroshima Backstage)

Credits: XiahKing / layla@DBSKnights


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Info about AADBSK3

The long awaited All about DBSK III’s content were revealed!

The price cost about 13, 500 yen and that include the tax. (I actually converted it to USD and my eyes went like this O.O The price is about $150)
It would be released on August 19, 2009
And they also stated the id number…which is RZBD-46344 / 9
They also said that the company is rhythm zone

The DVD is expected to be as 540 minutes long. Which is about 9 hours long..say what?! Please someone tell me I’m not going crazy…0.0 (This is what I saw from DNBN)

The footage/content of the video are:

– Saipan (I wonder what they did and those girls…something smell fishy here >.<)
– Footage of music video filming
– Couple Talk ( I want to see this!)
– Filming at Korea and MTV shop? Not really sure about this one. Maybe the promotions during Mirotic period.
– Interview in a restaurant.
– DBSK with their dogs ( I wanna see Vick 🙂

– Video programs in SBS

Inside also has posters and postcard. Well if it’s $150 better have a lot of stuff you know.

And wanna know if I’m gonna buy it?

Of course ^^ LOL, let’s wait for Korean version shall we?

Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights

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[Subbed & Clearer] THSK ‘Stand By U’ PV

credits: DBSKnightsBlog5


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QnA With 2PM!

Q: If you took a trip, where would you go to and with whom?
A: I wanna go to my house in America alone.

Q: Your own way, to endure the hot weather in summer?
A: Taking off my clothes, I’ll stand in front of my air-con, and drink a lot of cool water.

Q: If you became a girl, what would you like to do?
A: I’d like to be a princess. It’s gonna be fun.

Q: If you became a girl, who would you like to date with?
A: Khun. He’s rich and can play the piano well. Definitely, he’s handsome.

What I need the most right now is (money).

Q: What kind of job do you want to have except for a singer?
A: A vet. I like animals which I think, I care for.

Q: When was the moment when you’re faint on the stage?
A: I was featuring 2am with a rap on the stage, suddenly I forgot the lyrics. That was the moment.


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4minute robbed

Purely a case of theft, overzealous fans or antis? It was reported that 4minute’s mini-van was recently broken into, and their stuff like clothes, etc were all stolen. 

This happened on the night of 21st June, probably after their Inkigayo performance, where 4minute’s mini-van which was parked in the carpark of near their dance studio was damaged and broken into. Items that were plundered included a video camera and 4minute’s stage clothes, belongings, etc. 4minute’s management, Cube Entertainment has made a police report and are awaiting updates from them as we speak.

Cube Entertainment expressed, “The case is now being handled by the police. We aren’t sure if it’s purely a case of theft or something else. We aren’t ruling out anything and the culprits have to be apprehended first before we will decide on what we will do next. It’s unfortunate that this has happened after just the first week of promotions.” 

Source: coolsmurf

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