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Time was ticking sooooooo slow since April. I couldn’t wait anymore for June to come, I’ve missed Japan so much since last year, I’ve missed Toho so much since last year (I’ve seen them on a-nation last August), and also the trip’s start was the date of my school’s final markings, so.. I knew it was a totally awesome starts for my holiday!

We had tickets for “only” one concert out of Osakan’s 4. For Saturday. We’ve arrived in Osaka on Thursday morning. We’ve stayed at New Otani hotel, which is like the closest hotel to the concert venue. Here, sharing our window view:

To make things even funnier, during one night I’ve spent in Warsaw I had that really funny dream in which I’ve bumped into Yuchun in hotel during the breakfast and accidentally covered him with scrumbled eggs.
Well, we’ve statyed on 13th floor. Toho and their stuff – on 12th.
We’ve met their dancer, Ryo. Also, the floor was closed like this:

So, when we arrived in Osaka Jou and we were “searching” for our hotel (we didn’t really notice that the big shining thing right on our right is our destination) we’ve noticed, that fans were already lining @_@ It was like 10 am so.. We kinda of freaked out that we don’t want to spend the whoooole day in the line.
Fortunately later we’ve found out they were lining for goods and Official Photo Select. We’ve bought our goodies on Thursday, during the concert so there were no people (acoustics of Osaka Jou Hall are way too good. NOTHING could’ve been heard outside). And OPS was visited on Sunday, so we can get live pics. <33

Ok, so let’s just move to Sunday because I know that’s what you’re all waiting for :D
We’ve woke up around 10.30am after a loooooong night xD just to discover via our lovely window that..

dang, they’re already lining up AGAIN.

But Japanese tickets are all numbered and seated so we didn’t bother and went shopping to the closeby mall :D Then we’ve visited Toho-trucks again (we went there on our first day too. When we still didn’t have hotel room xD)

I have a picture with Jaejoongieeee ❤

and with Chunnie too, because he looked so freakin’ good on the truck picture:

After a while we’ve started to gain some attention from fans, who didn’t bother about us in the begginig as we were just some random tourists seeing pretty boys on trucks. But when they’ve heard us talking about THSK a lot, they started to take pictures of us and sharing their things like sweets or Spider man toys :33

But we’ve left quickly, since we wanted to change into our concert clothes. When we left.. Fanmade goods stand was right on the exit from out hotel @_@ We’ve skipped the photo section (we didn’t want to see their outfits before live) and got some straps and stickers and stuff. Now, when we were dressed in similar outfits, both white and tall (we’re both 170+cm) we’ve started to gain REAL attention. Especially our butts I think. Mine had TOHOSHINKI <3>

Some people were talking with us, sharing their food, asking about things like where we’re from and stuff, and also TAKING PICTURES WITH US! Which was kinda cute. I mean I’ve been though that already 1,5 year ago in Thailand, but this time it was even better, because we had those shirts and we were a “fan-group” of 2 people. Last time I was alone ._.

Before the con, we’ve ate yakisoba at the stand outside the venue, chatted with some fans, got omiyage from very kind fan from XiahXing (I got over-excited about her way too cute tee with Junsu and XiahKi. And YES I’m crazy over dogs. xD). About 5.30 pm we’ve decided to go into the venue. Comparing to Bangkok, everything was so organized and fast. I was pretty sure it will take like 15 minutes at least to get inside, and then find our seats. Imagine how suprise I was when after 5 minutes we’ve been inside.

They were still selling lightsticks, because Japanese con allow only official goodies. But we’ve already had ours ^_^ We’ve found our seats and decided we have a really nice view. We were in row 13 sector G, so we had a nice view for all stages and screens, weren’t too close so we can also see their dancing routines (my biggest regret from Bangkok is that well ok, I was in first line to the stage, but I’ve seen NOTHING of their dancing.). We’ve chatted for a while with fans who were steated on out right. They were both Japanese fans aged around 40, who like Jejung and Yunho, as we do. Which was very funny, They’ve also went for Kobe concert and were really exicited to be able to see Junsu dancing this time ^_^
During the con they’ve given us binoculars for a WHOLE thing. They didn’t want it back @__@ Jejung face closeup = <3333!

After seeing them live for 5th time, I’m still unable to keep my eyes off of mr. Kim JJ. Sorry.

So around 5.50 pm J-Min started as a support. She was so good live, she sung CHANGE and ONE, both from her newest single. Here lemme spazz a little. She is a new artist, and dang she is so pretty and talented. She sung while playing guitar and her voice is really really good. After the con she was selling her autogrpahed cd’s on the CD stand. She is even prettier closeup. She looks a bit like BoA, but for me she is prettier. I’m not a fan of BoA really too. She has really fair and white skin and silky, long hair. Her eyes are so kind. She is also very slim and she seems to be tall, but I might be wrong. I’m sure she was taller than the staff girl next to her anyway. So, I’ve asked her for a sign on her sinlge (I bought both of her singles) and greeted her in Korean. She was so happy, since she is korean, but I don’t think she’s mentioned this during the performance so she propbably knows I’ve heard of her before. She signed both cds for me and I have to admit she was really kind, asking me where I am from and stuff. I totally wish her good luck, because since some time I just can’t stop listening to her songs, especially those two I heard live.

Unfortunately staff didn’t allow me to take a picture with her, although when I asked her she smiled widely and nodded, but the staff girl immaidately went like “Sorry, but pictures are not allowed”. Duh.
My signed cds <3:


The whole thing started like 5 minutes past 6pm. First was a movie, in which they were stealing some expensive diamond necklace. Junsu was stealing and rest were his backups, fighting in a really hot way in dark suits with perfect hair. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when Jun-chan was stealing necklace. I’ve just seen him recording this scene with multiple NGs because of his major failure to stay serious without breaking anything. Also, I loved Yuchun’s PUNCH! And the way he relaxed his hand afterwards. HOT. Yunho and Changmin were fighting on the stairs, and Jejung did a perfect kick. The movie was really good, since it made audience high and then SECRET GAME started.

The beggining was like double length. And then they started appearing in the singing order. First Micky, he sounded really good though I am not sure if his mic didn’t die in the very beggining. Changmin’s mic was a bit to loud for my liking. Jejung’s rocker scream was perfect. It gave me thrills. I’ve immiadately fell in love with his floppy hair when he moved his head screaming. It’s like his hair is having it’s own, HOT way of living now. When Junsu sung “we get it baby if you wanna trap in T V X Q 4″ eveyrone was REALLY high and moved their lightsticks (why do I always write chopsticks instead? -_-) <33>

Here I would add I LOVE Japanese audience so much. While watching their DVDs I’ve always thought Japanese fans don’t get high and they’re a bit boring. I couldn’t get anymore wrong. They DO get high but in a wonderful way. They’re totally supportive. And they don’t disturb boys’ performance with shouts, they shout and clap during song breaks. If you want to hear them sing – go to Japanese concert. I still remember girl next to me scanding YUNJAE YUNJAE in Bangkok during Jejung’s solo.

Next song was SHARE THE WORLD. I must admit I’ve only liked this song before, but after the live I totally love it. They all moved to the central stage, and made some really cute dance moves. Jejung’s shouts were really good. During 2nd verse Yuchun played with his fingers during the part “kono flavour~” which was cute and hot at the same time. Again, JaeJae’s hair and it’s own live = hottness.

どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? was really impressive. It was a total change of the concert mood, putting this song inbetween of StW and Take Your Hands, but I think it helped them to gain some enegry for fast song again. They sung it really beautifully. I loved how Jejung and Yuchun looked at each other. And Micky’s part in the second verse, about not being to one by your side, damn, it gave me chills. I must admit I was amazed not only by the progress all of them went since the last time I saw them, but mostly about Micky. His live was really good. SO emotional. Doushite was so teary. They made ma cry 6 times in total during the concert, and the first time was already on the 3rd song. Kudos to you, THSK, biggest thanks to Soulmates.

TAKE YOUR HANDS is a song I listen to like non-stop now, though before concert I’ve listened to it like 3 times maybe, because it just didn’t appeal to me. Again, how much live can change your mind. Here I must mention wonderful Bigeast love. GO! was shouted by the whole audience, rising their chopsticks. I mean lightsicks.

Wonderful light work on this one – the hall got dark on the slowdown, and then lights slowly turned one. After the slow down, they made like a BOOM with their energy. Vocals, jumping, Amazing. Jejung’s “onaji sora wo~” was like beautiful, like angel coming down to earth in the middle of the song. I’m in love with Micky’s rap here. Micky rapping > Yunho rapping. Sorry to all Yunho fans. Especially the one that I’ve slept in a room with :P

Just one word that explains everything = major hottness.
I’ve always liked this song and found it.. sexually attractive. And live ensured me about my opinion even more. Jejung’s voice is amazing for this type of songs. Also Yuchun’s husky voice is sexy as hell. They had a nice “routine” during the chours, waving their hands from left ti right on “kanjite comunication~~” till “funkynation” “na na na na” was making a cirlce in the air and then pumping “stand up~” and pumping faster on “party toniggghhht”. All of the fans copied to routine with the use of lightsticks. Effect was cool.
Also, when they made “baby let me hear you say~ ” the audience replied to them “Oh yeah~”
Again, I loveeeeeeee Japanese audience.

Beautiful You. Love love love. So sexy. I love the dance ❤ alt=”:D” src=”https://s-ssl.wordpress.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif”&gt; I loved the part when they all sing “you are beautiful baby you’re special one~”. The mood was amazing. I love this part, it’s so delicate and lovely. And then Junsu’s solo in the end.. THAT WAS DAMN IMPRESSIVE. All lights went off and he did a long wonderful adlib. With that specific voice of his. Respect.

9095 turned out to be a hell of sexy dance song. They did a pool dance, each of them at the seperate stage stand rising up, with standing mic and personal screen at the back, which was like a mirror to their dancing. When they were facing us, the screens were showing their back, and when they showed their back, the screen was showign their front, etc. Really nice effect. They did that sexy head move after “deshou ka?”. Uhh major chills. When they went down on their mic stands, it was too mcuh for me to handle. I think a cold shower would still be helpful, even one week later. I loved the way they counted with their fingers to the french counting. Man that was a piece of one damn hot song, and I have no idea what else could I say. Oh, in the end the screens showed their faces, and Jejung talked that korean part. With his screen-face moving it’s lips.

MY DESTINY. Thye had stairs, like in HMS concert! It has always been one of my top favourite Toho songs. I was so happy they’ve performed it live. ALL of them sounded AMAZING. Jejung was so emotional during the 2nd verse, I thought he is shaking or something. In the end of the song, he did the aprt that IS included in the album version but is already too quiet – he sung a nice adlib for “my destinyyyy~ you were mine, you were mineeeeee~~”.
I give props to Junsu. Another you, another me.. T___T

Me – 2nd time tearing. Kimi to yume de aetara~ T^T Stupid Jejung, why your voice is so beautiful?! x_x
I loved the ending. It always gives me thrills even in the studio version, not to mention the live.. I’m missin’ your tender touch I’m missing your… T^T

Then there was a movie with them gathering some special strenghts. Jejung’s magic hand made me laugh. But overall – nice movie with nice negind of them “shooting” their “power” into the camera, and then strong light effects in the arena and then they appeared with…

They were on the moving upper stage, and they were kind of marching on it, like in military. Wearaing hot uniforms. Jae was looking down once in a while to check where is the edge xD Too cute KJJ <333>

PURPLE LINE. The live band rocky version that I love.
Also, in the begginig there was a korean fancode! the EH! EH! EH! EH! EH! EH! DONG! BANG! SHIN! KI! one. Yuchun “really wanted to touch himslef” and totally reminded me of “Neorago” MV when Donghae is feeling himself, because he did somehting similar with a total smirk, which made audience shout. Oh Micky you’re so fine ./”
I loved the laster lights effects. They were crazy.
Dancing break was amazing. They seperated into two groups, YunMin and JunJaeChun. And danced on the additional stages, with lights onle on them. First Yunho only, then Junsu only, then Yunho with Changmin, and Junsu with JaeChun. In the end all together. And then with dancers again.
The whole audience sung with them MY TIME IS STILL GOING ON~
And Changmin did his famous scream LIVE. Kudos to our magnae.

Junsu was breaking his RULEEES again. Like on the SBS Gayo. ❤ effect =” amazing.

Heart, Mind & Soul. Firstly only Yunho was on the stage. On the upper stage. Lights were focused on him and he sung solo. Thne Jejung came and lights focused on him. And so on, everyone was alone-like on the stage. And the JaeSu in the end was so lovely.
Though Junsu’s mic died on WHYWHYWHYWHYYYY~~ x_x he turned it on quickly, so just the very begginig was skipped, but still.
Me cried for a 3rd time, because I just adore this song.

Now I’ve lost the order but the MC part was somewhere here. An AMAZING MC part haha. They were doing their “Otsukareyama” gag, Yuchun did sexy version which resulted on me literally rolling from laughing XD Changmin had a kawaii version. JJ firstly said he will do a serious version and just said it, but everyone bugged him so he did a sweet child-like version, and he said he wats to hide himself. Oh why so cute. Then Yunho did some weird kick-out version. He wnated to kick his tiredness away? No idea. But he almost fell down. During this MC part I’ve lost a count of how many time mr. KJJ landed on the ground laughing. Micky dropped his mic (which was on, ouch my ears) and then trying to get it he felt and rolled to the centre of the stage. He didn’t lie alone for more than 5s, ‘cuz JJ laughing was next to him on the ground in few seconds. XD Then when they calmed down, Yunho felt lonely or so, so he put a black towel on his head and did a pick-a-boo to Jaejoong, which was met with a short and calm reaction – uh, nani?. Yunho stated he is Sadako (the long, black-haired girl from horror movies). THSK4 were.. all speechless xD Then Min proposed to move on so JJ started to introduce his self-composed track, but he got kind of lost and blabbered about nothing and repeated himself for a while, and when he was going on like this someone in the audience shouted ‘CHANGMIN’ and JaeJae stopped. His facial experssion was totally puzzled, so cute. Then Changmin butted in and said to move to the next song, Jejung still puzzled. He apologized and they were meant to sit on the circle stage that moved up. On their “way” there Yunho hit back of Changmin’s head (for beign witty and disrespectful for your hyung, magnae!) and Chunnie slipped when he was sitting and dropped from the stage, which cause the audience and them too, to laugh during first verse of Wasurenaide. And everyone was laughing until Junsu sung. He changed the mood into melancholic back again. Oh Junsu.

Then there was, at least I think that there, a movie where they were breaking up with girls. Chanmgin was first and he hugged his girl befre leaving. Then Junsu was expalining something in the restaurant, and left, patting her arm. That was kind of funny, he looked inapproriate to the whole situation xD Then Jejung, he was of course drinking something, I think it was either white wine or champagne, anyway he left his girl, who was CAUCASIAN. XD Her hands weren’t pretty enough I guess. Then Micky’s girl was also caucasian, I am not sure if it wasn’t the same one @_@ They were in the car and Micky was looking awesomely hot hot HOT. And she gave him back the ring and left. Then Yunho gave his girl a flight ticket from Tokyo to New Caledonia. xD But dang Yuchun DID look HOT in that CAR. Then they all gathered together and left somewhere. But I’m really not sure if this movie was here. It mght’ve been before Stand Up! too. Dang me.

Anyway, then they were sinign BEGIN. They were at the upper, moving stage again. There was a piano and Micky played and sung and they were standing around him. And there were only then and the piano, doing a half-acapella version, and drumms came in in the end, at the “Hontou wa boku mo onaji da yo~ ” part. The scene was moving during the whole song, it was sooo beautiful. I adore this song. And oh, they’ve changed into grey outfits.

Then they moved to the central stage and started NOBODY KNOWS. LOVE JEJUNG’S HAIR. When they moved to the sides and staff threw to them the stands for mics, JJ’s hair was all waviiiiiiiinggg~~ @_@~ *spazzyyy*
Junsu’s pronoutiaiton on “situation” still makes me ROTFL. But overall very nice and sexy performace. Have I mentioned JJ’s hair? :333
They had perfect vocals in here.
They had “magic sticks” and made a magic stick dance. I loved it. Then they threw mic stands back to the stuff, and JJ, as talented as he is, threw it too hard and staff guy got hit. Yay Jae, I’m sure that if you wanted to hit him you would miss.

TAXI is such a teary song. It made me cryyyyy again. They all had totally emotional voices, as if they were to cry in a second. Especially emo-boy, suprisingly. After listening to my fancams my mum said Yuchun sung “desperately”, but in the reality, he sung it SO beautiful. Damn all of them, for being so realistic, and talented. The live band version gave even better impression than cd version. During the instrumental lights faded, and then lightened JaeJae who sung “kimi no koee~ mo.. sono hosoi kata mo… sono hitomi mo.. boku no mono JYA NAIII~ “. Then when the music burtsed out, the lights got stronger too.
I think my eyes were whole red. This song makes me cry even in the car on the cd, because the lyrics are so.. real, and well, beautiful, but the live version was so so so much better. In this one, if Jejung’s part managed to break your heart, then Yuchun sung just to tear it more into pieces. Pieces that are hard to put back. (At least not until Box in the ship.)

Then there was FOREVER LOVE. I was so suprised, I have TOTALLY forgotten that they’re gonna sing it. Also, I haven’t listened to this song for a very long time, and during the chours I’ve remembered how much I love it. I’ve cried again, maybe it was still some kind of Taxi-aftershock, but yeah. I’m a teary person, mind me. I’m too emotional, I guess I would make a great friendship with Yuchun. I cry for no reason, get angry for no reason, cry from laughing because of something that is not that funny. Or when something actually IS that funny. Like for example..

Which mademe laugh like crazy twice. Firstly their MC part.
They made O E O E O E O E O! TOHO SHINKI! and they made us repeat it after them. Then they went like
then I think
then JJ and his famous O E O E O E O E O! DO IU KOTO? and audience replies O E O E O E O E O! SHOUYU KOTO!
then Junsu and his O E O E O E O E O! Doushitekimiwosukininatteshimattandarou?!
Audience failed at repeating next ones of Junsu.. Then again O E O E O E O E O! TOHOSHINKI! and then sung again, starting from the slowdown part, during which Changmin got molested. Then they backed to the main stage and danced sooo cutely waving their hands that I laughed like crazy again. LOVED this performance.

Oh,before BOX IN THE SHIP there was a solo performance of TOHO DANCERS. They were really good. Firstly they danced together, then each of them had a solo to their songs, instrumentals. The ones I remember the most was DARKNESS EYES and RAINY NIGHT (with aegyo lying Junsu-pose in the end xD). In the end they danced together again. I was totally impressed by this break. ❤

Then after BOX IN THE SHIP was “O”Sei.Han.Go.
Yunho kicked his leg instead of blowing something away from his hand. And he had his epilepsy attack in the end. I loved the choreography ^_^

CHOOSEYYY LOVEERRR. Jae was going down so sexy damn him. During the chours they english words were appearing on the screen like “BRIGHT!” etc. Jae’s “sexy lady uhhh ~” was a bit different. He showed his back. Well, his arms. He was one damn SEXYYY BABYY UHH.
In the end they clapped and lights went off.

Then there was a joint performance of SKY and SOMEBODY TO LOVE.
When Yunho was doing his rap in Sky everyone was helping him. Like ALRIGHT! CLOSE YOUR EYES!. I find it amazing cute. And Yuchun’s smile during that song. And Jejung playing running around. I love that bunch of dorks.
During Somebody to Love silver straps fell from the “sky” xD they were so shiny @_@ They were of course shouting JUMP! JUMP! And I was really irritated, because I wanted to listen to them and DO JUMP but my skirt was a bit too loose and I literally felt it falling xD And to worsen the situation, one of the very few male fans was sitting right behind me. Adding my TOHOSHINKI ❤ jumping =” EPIC”>

Then they continued the high atmosphere with SUMMER DREAM! I don’t remember much though, I think I’ve had a total blackout furing this song and when I felt myself drowning somehwere I took the binoculars and focused myself on their shoes (Nike Terminator, I have green-white with pink laces now xD) so I don’t doze off totally. xD;

Theeeeeeeeeeeen SURVIVOR! They’ve changed the choreography ;_; They don’t do the MV-like chicken dance ;____________;
Mr. Kim Jejung made a mistake in lyrics. Well, there must’ve been that moment.. JJ not messing up for a whole concert? NOOOO.
He was so cute though, he started singing well when he realized but refused to look up at the audience for a while. Oh Baby baby <3>

After Survivor there was a short video break, during which they’ve changed into TSC concert tees (white x silver) and jeans. In the break there were parts of their older MVs shown, like Rising Sun, and the whole audience sung those songs loudly even when the vids were over. Then they sung The Way You Are and Break Up The Shell. There was also some MC part where they said this songs mean a lot to then because they’re from their first album and they’ve also commented on his progress in Japanese, which met with a great applause. Thye’ve also introduced all the members of their live band. Drummer was amazing, he drunk water while playing on drumms. So did bassist. Or guitarist, I forgot. Anyway they got a huge applause.
Then they’ve introduced a new single and said we will watch it on the screen when they’ll sing. They’ve asked us to sit, but no one listened, so then Changmin repeated “suwatte kudasai~ ” in a very cute way, so everyone listened to him.

STAND BY U was WONDERFULLL. I swear, if there’s anyone who doesn’t really like this song, they will definitely change their mind after live. My mum again said Micky sounds deperate in the fancam, but the song was so full of emotions.. It felt like each of them feels this song even more than any of the previous ones. The performance was flawless, although they were really tired. They sat on the white chair, on the turning round stage. Firstly they sat with their faces facing each other, then they stood up and turned the chair and sat looking at fans. They all kept an eye contact with fans. I also loved the MV in the background. It was a first time I saw their version, so I didn’t know where should I look, at the MV or at the boys haha. When they were sitting like this in those kinda tight tees, I couldn’t help but stare at how broad are Jejung’s shoulders. He’s so MANLY. And handsome. And he has an angel voice. Plus he is a dork. In case someone doesn’t know it by now – I ADMIT TO BE HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH KIM JAEJOONG. Period.

Then my lovely liars introduced the “last” song, KISS THE BABY SKY. I adore this song and I’ve always did. It sounded so pretty live. After 2st chours, when Micky says “You guys with me?” he said ”みんな泣かないで~” (Everybody, don’t cry!)with his sweet smile. Then when he says “My U-know, My Hero” blah blah he said about Jejung “My JJ” <333!>

The stage was dark and then Junsu’s voice appeared. Dark stage and “yami ni ukabu tsuki no stage ni…”.. When the instrumental of BOLERO bursted out, the soft lights turned on. They were all of the rising stage, and sung it really beautifully. This song is so magical. And emotional. And magical. Like coming from the different world. It gives me thrills, some wierd kind of feeling, a mixture of pain, love, fear and hope. Live for this song is even more exciting than cd version. In the end, Jejung sung his final part twice. First time when the music was still very loud, and then immiadately after he finished – for a second time, when the music quietened a bit. When he finished, the music again bursted out very loudly, lights slowely faded, and.. when they went on, they were no more here. There were 5 reflector lights for 5 places in which they’ve stood before, but.. They’ve disappeared. I swear, it was the worst and the best concert ending ever. The best, because of the impact of it. It made everyone go like O_O ;______; and.. It was right settled with the mood of the last song. But the worse, because.. I totally didn’t expect it. I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t get a chance to take a last real glisp of them, before god knows how long way to see them live again. Somehow I got all teary again. But Gabasia, my friend, was so shocked she hardly talked till next morning. While I was going on and on and on and blabbering without any sense when we came back to hotel.

Then when we decided to still go out and eat something, we were waiting for Gabi’s mum next to the elevators and… WE MET THEIR DANCER RYO! They were going to eat something in some restaurant, because he rushed out and we cought a glimpse of many people standing outside the hotel and getting into taxis.

Overall – the concert was freaking long but still too short. They sung like 29 songs, plus the vids, plus dancer’s break, plus MC parts.. The whole thing lasted like 3.5 hours. Which I must say is very impressive. Their voices were in perfect condition. I don’t remember them cracking or anything really. The concert was fascinating, all the effects were good too.
I love their dancing. And I love their voice harmony.
On each member..
I still don’t dig Changmin’s hair. And either his mic was set wrongly or he just sings too loud.
Yunho dances great. And I loved his hair. Somehow his hairstyle now reminds me of what he had when I saw them in Thailand.
Junsu looks really good singing. He has so much passion. And energy. I also love his dance. But it’s true what they say about him – Junsu looks the best when he sings. When he does, let’s say, the BY adlib.. He is no more our dorku Junsu doing stupid oyaji gags, on whom all the members pick up. He becomes someone else, who just.. leaves everyone breathless.
Yuchun. I must admit one thing.. You migh not believe me, but he used to be a member I like the least. Until I saw him live and then some of my friends bugges me with him. But.. He looks so sweet live. I mean, he always does look sweet and sensitive, but.. He’s more real in reality? Soudns stupid, but he is someone who looks better in real life. Although his skin isn’t flawless or anything, but his eyes and his smile.. And his tears too, make him someone totally lovable. And his husky, deep voice. You just HAVE to love him.
Last but not least, Jejung. I guess I will never stop being amazed over this man. He is totally different in real life than in pictures, yet the same. His skin is flawless, his eyes are huge, his lips are kissable, his shoulders are broad. But he is nothing like pretty in reality. He is handsome and beautiful, but not pretty. He seems to be so strong. Unbreakable. His voice is beautiful. His emotions are too strong to handle.
And his hair is so fluffy!

As I’ve already mentioned, I love Japanese audience. Everyone respected the boys and their performance, which I loved. It also helped you to watch the concert FULLY.
I’m still amazed by the progress they made since I saw them in Bangkok. Their live was so much better. And they sung all the songs live. Unlike “O” concert. Also the scenery and effects were better than during “O”.
All the fans were so friendly towards us, imagine two of them recognized us still at the airport…. IN HELSINKI!

What I wnated to share also:

con pamphlet, strap and my offical goods bills – I got Yuchun x2 and Jejung x1. :33
Also you can see my Bigeast ticket ^__^

And here, my Offical Photo Select shopping:

Sharing latest obsessions of boys:

EDAMAME, a traditional part of EVERY our meal! <3>and our lovely straps: edamame twice, and.. SHOUYU KOTO!

Ok, now, I want to congratulate everyone who survived till the end. You are amazing, because I’ve been writing it with multiple breaks for like 4-5 hours.

I’m making this entry public, so you can link to me if you want to share this account.
Please comment so we can spazz further!
If you want to repost, ask for permission, and I will surely agree. :3

I hope I didn’t miss any important details :)
Once again I have to say….


P.S. Forgive me my english, I don’t even bother to make some proof reading, I’m too exhausted after writing all of that. XD

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