2PM Jaebum Interview in Nylon

How did you like the tattoo we drew on for today’s shoot? I thought you’d have a tattoo since you rapped and b-boyed (breakdanced) while growing up in Seattle; I’m surprised (that you don’t).

It’s cool. The company (JYP Entertainment) won’t allow it since we’re an idol group. But I certainly want to get one later on.

How do you like photo shoots?

I had fun. It wasn’t tiring at all. Since I exercise several hours a day, this extent is not tiring. It would have good if I was a bit taller and better looking.

Your figure and moves are good.

Before debuting as [part of] 2PM, I even received a prize as a b-boy in the States.

I saw a video of your first place win in Marysville’s Breaking the Silence – your body movements are very free and agile.

Thank you. I still do it. Even now, my friends who are there keep winning the prize for first place. It’s a team called AOM – Art of Movement. Whenever I visit the States I go out to competitions with them.

I’ve heard that you clashed a lot with the company’s training methods when you first went in because you liked to dance freely without set schedules.

I’m the type to manage myself. It was really tough because the scheduling didn’t suit me, the food didn’t suit me, and I couldn’t communicate well either. I also wanted to see my family. There weren’t many trainees at that time either. I even thought of giving up because it was difficult but truthfully, it’s embarrassing to give up. I didn’t want to disappoint my mom either. Now, my mom as well as my friends are proud of me. I’m happy.

Weren’t you uneasy how the group almost dissipated because the members kept switching?

JunSu and I were here at the beginning but the kids kept coming and going after that. I wasn’t nervous. I don’t know. I just thought this is how it is. I don’t have a worrying personality. I just thought, ‘What happens will happen, to the extent of effort I put in’. I think that in life when I work hard, things turn out well; if I’m lazy, things don’t turn out. I think that’s as it should be. I used to play basketball until high school when I took up dancing and singing.

When was the first time you got into music and dance?

In grade 2 of elementary school my older male cousin was listening to rap on a walkman. The track was Warren G’s ‘Regulator’. I’ve completely been in love with hip hop since then. I didn’t think that I have to do something about it. I simply kept buying and listening to CDs since then. In kindergarten, I listened to Michael Jackson a lot. If you look at it one way, it’s really amazing. I’d follow along and dance while watching Michael Jackson. To be honest, I debated a lot before coming into JYP because I enjoy simply dancing and chilling with friends. But then I thought that it would be good to show something rather than just dance like that.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned since coming to JYP?

That you can’t do it if you’re weak. I think that only very strong people can become singers. I don’t think it’s something that any regular person can do.

What does it mean to be strong?

A person with will power. A tough person who can stand to the end. It’s like that especially at JYP. Since we do just acrobatics for four hours and such. From the beginning your leg can get torn and it really hurts. It’s difficult.

Then you must be a really tough person?

That’s right. Since I’ve gotten this far. I just kept exercising by myself. Other people seem to use trainers to get their ideal body. I didn’t know. I used to run outside in the early morning in the middle of winter.

Why? In order to look good?

I just liked Usher’s six pack. I worked out my abs since seeing [Usher’s] in middle school. In high school I did weight training to make my body light. I had to since I was a b-boy.

There must be some things that you don’t do in order to maintain your ideal body

I don’t smoke nor do I drink alcohol. I dislike it. It’s not good for one’s health either. Alcohol doesn’t taste good either. I’ve never tried smoking even once so I’m not sure about that.
Source: Nylon
Translation By: KPculture 

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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