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090615 THSK & Cassiopeia’s 2000th Day Anniversary

2000 days ago, when you first sang with your clear vocals, we made a promise to walk towards the future together.

After 2000 days, our sincerity, our thoughts, our promises:

After 2000 days,
stronger than Jaejoong’s strength,
warmer than Yunho’s warmth,
more tears than those Yoochun have shed,
more moved than Junsu’s been moved,
more growth than Changmin has grown.

After 2000 days, the stormy path that TVXQ and Cassiopeia had weathered together,
will become flowers that blossom along the road we take, after 2000 days.

Thank you to Cassiopeia, who has always been beside TVXQ.
Let us forever be happy.

Source: [besidemicky.com]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net 

I’m feeling patriotic right now (*.*)

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TBS To Broadcast THSK’s Live Tours

Japan’s TBS Channel will be broadcasting Tohoshinki’s 2006 LIVE TOUR on the 27th, from 12PM. Following that, 2007’s and 2008’s LIVE TOUR will be broadcasted all the way until midnight. The last performance of “The Secret Code” Tour held in Kobe, as well as the 2 final performances which will be held at the Tokyo Dome on the 4th and 5th of July, are estimated to be aired by TBS in middle of August. Last month, TBS had already broadcasted Tohoshinki’s “MIROTIC” Seoul Performance which was held at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium in February this year.

Source: [demonhome] Translations: thesexy-orange@iscreamshinki.net

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Lee Minho Plans Fanmeet While Recovering

Lee Min-ho’s been planning his leg surgery for a while now and postponed it once or twice; now he’s finally done it. His management revealed in a phone interview on the 14th that the actor is currently at home recovering after having surgery on June 5. He was expected to spend two weeks in the hospital, but recovered faster than expected and was released on the 11th.

Lee Min-ho was in a fairly serious car accident in 2006, after which metal rods were implanted in his upper right leg and knee. The surgery was to remove the rods, which he explained were manageable in everyday life but made it difficult to take on action sequences as an actor.

Now he’s resting up and preparing for an upcoming fanmeeting (a two-parter) on June 21 at Seoul’s Dome Art Hall, which is timed to match (almost) with his 22nd birthday. (His actual birthday is the following day, June 22.) Lee Min-ho has already participated in fansigning and fan events with his Boys Before Flowers crew, but this will be his first solo fanmeeting, called “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert.”

Via Newsen

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2PM’s ‘You Might Come Back’

I hope to see a live of this too 🙂

Credit: symbelmyns@YT

sorry/you’re welcome for video spamming XD i’m so in a youtube mood today ^^


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2PM EXR Summer Photo Shoot

hehe this is abit old but since their new vogue girl shoot is a little stingy with the photos…I thought it may be fun to just share this ^^


anyways I, the naturally lazy person, prefer to share vids than photos for obvious reasons hehe~

the 2pm guys are so cute! XD And I love all their songs so far! Can’t wait for a full album to be out 🙂


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Random Jaemin Vid

hehe i thought this fanvid was just too cute XD

Credit: chunnieh@yt

the timing with the song and clips are funny too ^^


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DBSK 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic Talk Eng Subbed

Credit: go0bers157@YT

AHHHHH!!! KYAAAAAAAAAA!!! CHANGMIN AHHHH~ haha too cute “my hobby is watering flowers” haha and then the members wtf faces…priceless choikang changmin is the best XD (fans of other members insert own spazzing) hehe~

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Kangin’s ‘Carnival’ To Be Revealed in Suju’s 2nd Asian Tour


Super Junior will reveal a new song through their 2nd Asia tour concert which will open in July.

They will be holding their Seoul concert performances from 17th till 19th July for their ‘Super Junior The 2nd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW Ⅱ’. And they had prepared a new song ‘Carnival’ for their fans.

The new song is a dance song with a strong rhythm and cool summer feel. And its lyrics is also written by member KangIn, whose first time attempting writting songs.

The window for tickets sales to the concert will be opened from 16th till 18th June on GMarket (http://ticket.gmarket.co.kr).

Source: sookyeong@wordpress

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Kim Hyun Joong Was Not Hospitalized

Kim HyunJoong’s company representative said to Newsen on 16th through a phone conversation “It is not true that he has been admitted to hospital. His condition is not good with flu symptoms and his waist is aching on 8th, so he received medical treatments in the hospital and seems like there was a misrepresentation in the reports.”

He added “Kim HyunJoong had been busy with his schedules even after the filming of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, thus not able to have a good rest. In addition, he has not fully recovered from the injuries suffered in the car accident during the filming of the drama. He is currently resting at home with not much schedules on hand.”

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If You Were A Girlfriend of a Shinee Member…



source: xyiseul@allkpop

5 member idol group, SHINee were on KBS CoolFM ‘Maybee’s Volume Up’ Radio where they honestly spoke out their opinions when asked questions of different scenarios of ‘If you had a girlfriend…?’

First off, DJ Maybee questioned leader Onew, “When your girlfriend is upset, how would you cheer her up?” He answered saying “I will play/sing her a song and make her feel better.” Aw, how sweet. And Onew even sang “Tears are Dropping” by K.Will on the radio.

Next up, Jonghyun was asked, “How do you feel about girlfriends older than you?” Then  Jonghyun answered, “I don’t’ think age should be a variable in love” and even added, “Same zodiac signs are okay, too.” *Jaw drops* Jonghyun, did ‘Nuna Is So Pretty’ get to your head or something? You would go out with someone 12 years older than you? With his answer, the nuna staff members at the radio station went all giddy.

Now Key was asked, “What would you do if your girlfriend came out to meet you and dressed in an outfit a fashion terrorist would wear?” And to the question, Key answered, “I’ll go shopping with her and buy everything for her.” Hm, don’t spoil your girlfriend Key; she’s probably already spoiled at the fact she’s going out with an idol.

Then hottie Minho gave off a manly aura with his answer to the question, “What would you do if your found out your girlfriend and friend were contacting each other?” Minho answered, “I’ll tell her to stop because she has me.”

Then youngest Taemin was questioned, “What would you do if your parents were against your girlfriend?” Well, Taemin is the baby so he replied; “I would persuade them by acting cute and nagging.” 

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