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I truly enjoyed myself in these 4 days in Osaka – ♪

It’s really fun to be with everyone in Osaka!

To meet in Osaka again, please wait patiently (≧ ▼ ≦)


From the smiling face of a lot of people, I got the power!

People in Osaka AEIGATO (T/N: slang of Arigato – Thank you) ~! ! (^-^)

Let’s meet again in A-NATION!


4days have passed, I didn’t even realize (T_T)

I really enjoyed myself eventhough there’s a bit loneliness…

Yet there will be A-NATION again soon ~ ^ ^

Please wait for it! Thank you for all the support! 

source: tohomobile + yukabon’s room + xiahyu-ri@ameblo
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress 

ahh changmin misses home? Max Fighting! 

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