090614 THSK TSC Staff Update Osaka Day 4

2009/06/14 (Sun) 16:06

Fighting for the last day!


For the last time, we’ll come for Osaka!


2009/06/14 (Sun) 16:00

Right before the stage… 


JEJUNG is nervous (>_<)

It will start real soon!


2009/06/14 (Sun) 15:53

and Today… 


YUCHON is practicing guitar!

He’s trying to play Stand by U ♪

2009/06/14(Sun) 15:50

a mosquito’s bite … (T_T) 


JEJUNG’s hand … … (*_*)

It’s so itchy (>_<)

2009/06/14 (Sun) 15:16



CHANGMIN is looking for snacks!

While saying that he didn’t really like anko (T/N: Japanese red bean paste snack),

He ate anko in brand “赤福” that the dancer-san gave.

It was surprisingly delicious and he was very pleased (^O^)

2009/06/14 (Sun) 15:01

Although massage has ended… 


JEJUNG are still sleeping soundly.

In the midst of preserving the physical strength (^O^)

2009/06/14(Sun) 14:04

During the challenge 


Osaka’s Ibenta-san prepared a lot of sweets for Tohoshinki!
It’s like a festival ☆

Immediately JUNSU is challenging to make ice cream with the machine (^ ^)

2009/06/14 (Sun) 13:49

YUCHON’s handmade… 


Takoyaki ☆

“I wonder if I can do itー!?” Yuchun said excitedly as he left the dressing room.

Seems like he like to make handmade takoyaki (^O^)

All the members are pleased with hot takoyaki! Let’s eat! 

source: TSC staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress 

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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