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090614 THSK TSC Staff Update Osaka Day 4 Cont’d

2009/06/14 (Sun) 20:42

As for YUCHON…


He’s still doing the same (-.-;)

2009/06/14 (Sun) 20:13

Osaka Thank You! 


Sayonara, Osaka! (T-T)

It’s lonesome, but… we’ll meet again soon!


2009/06/14 (Sun) 19:55

Many thanks!

Thank you for all 4 days in Osaka!

Let’s meet again!!

source: TSC staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090614 TohoMobile JaeChunMin Messages




I truly enjoyed myself in these 4 days in Osaka – ♪

It’s really fun to be with everyone in Osaka!

To meet in Osaka again, please wait patiently (≧ ▼ ≦)


From the smiling face of a lot of people, I got the power!

People in Osaka AEIGATO (T/N: slang of Arigato – Thank you) ~! ! (^-^)

Let’s meet again in A-NATION!


4days have passed, I didn’t even realize (T_T)

I really enjoyed myself eventhough there’s a bit loneliness…

Yet there will be A-NATION again soon ~ ^ ^

Please wait for it! Thank you for all the support! 

source: tohomobile + yukabon’s room + xiahyu-ri@ameblo
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress 

ahh changmin misses home? Max Fighting! 

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2PM Wallpaper

this one is abit old…but thought that some of you might want it shared anyways XD


Credit: as tagged

From left: Junsu, Chansung, Wooyoung, Jaebom, Nickhun, Taecyeon, Junho ^^

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How Did Minho Join Shinee?


All he had to do was flash his pearly whites.

Thats right, not his singing or dancing but a quick smile was what won over the hearts of the judges at the audition. SHINee who recently made their comeback with their new song Juliette, recently attended the taping for KBS2 Star Golden Bell. During the taping, Min-ho shared the story of how he passed the auditions to become a member of SHINeeMin-ho stated, “At the time of the auditions the judges asked me to put on a sad expression but during my attempt I got embarrassed and ended up smiling instead. Later I found out that the judges passed me for the auditions because they liked the expression I made.”

To see Min-ho flash his pearly whites yourself or catch a glimpse of the rest of the SHINee members, be sure to tune into the June 13th episode of KBS2 Star Golden Bell. 

Source: popseoul

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Kim Jong Min AWOL To Join Koyote


ahh!! I love Kim Jong Min! He’s so funny in here had to share this! And the song is pretty catchy! haha~

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Lee Minho Can’t Move For 14 Days?


Lee Minho was released from the hospital following the removal of his internal brace that he had to get due a auto accident. 

The doctors have told him to not be mobile for 14 days and told him to fully recover before doing anything. People surrounding Lee Min Ho said that “although this surgery was a success, we want Min Ho to be in good condition when he meets his fans on the 21st.”

Lee Min Ho was in the auto accident in 2006

He has a fan meeting for his birthday and a special mini concert planned on the 21st called “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert!” Hopefully, our DJ Solly who is recovering from a surgery of her own, will be able to see Min Ho as she went to Korea to see him.

source: Sradioclub! 

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Spend the Summer With Your KPop Idols

(T_T) I think it’s open only to Koreans..unless you wanna fly there and buy Chilsung Drinks until the 26th July or something hehe~ 


Now you have the chance to travel with your favorite singers this summer. MTV in collaboration with Lotte’s Chilsung Drink brings you the “Shake Shake Boom Boom” event. “Shake Shake Boom Boom” is a a Chilsung jelly soda which is a new product of Lotte. The name came up from the phrase “I like it, shake it, boom boom!”

This event will be until July 26 where those who purchase the drink can log in to MTV’s homepage (www.mtv.co.kr) and input the numbers found on the back of the soda can, after which they will immediately know if they had won a prize.

20 1st prize winners will be given the chance to go to Malaysia for a 5 days, 3 nights summer trip. The star who will accompany the winners will be decided through a poll also found in MTV’s homepage – “The star I want to spend my summer vacation with”, which has 11 choices – 2AM, 2PM, AJ, F.T. Island, SS501, KARA, Girls Generation, Shinee, Epik High, After School and Chung Lim.

source:IS plus
thanks to anne@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic 

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