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Micky Fanart



bunny! XD

credit: mickysyndrome.com/dnbn
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress 


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DBSK UFO Replies

[FAN] Hi Yunho-yah who I want to call oppa. Let’s get married.
[Yunho] Okay, get married with oppa (me) ^^

[FAN] I think Junsu oppa is the funniest in the world. Cutie baby oppa~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
[Junsu] Cutie fan~~♡

[FAN] Oppa is mine.
[Jaejoong] You’re mine.

[FAN] Changmin-ah! I like you more than my bf!! T_T Sorry I’m this kind of noona – -; But it’s the truth keke
[Changmin] You can’t be like that noona~^^

[FAN] Ho please reply♡♡
[Yunho] Since when was my name Ho… keke

[FAN] I’m a genius. Oppa who saw this text is a babo♬
[Yoochun] You, the one getting the reply is a babo too..

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090613 TohoMobile Quiz


whose ring? 

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090613 THSK TSC Staff Update Osaka Day 3 Cont’d

2009/06/13 (Sat) 18:06

We start!


YUCHON, are you spirited enough?!

JUNSU was the one who started to shout the spirit slogan!

Osaka the 3rd day, STARTS!

2009/06/13 (Sat) 17:48

The other side…. 


JEJUNG’s drum practice!

He immediately started it!

Please change your clothes quickly ~ ~ ♪ 


When I heard the sound of guitar….


He’s practicing at different place now!

2009/06/13 (Sat) 17:21

While listening to the music… 


Changmin is listening music from his Ipod!

He’s concentrating…

2009/06/13 (Sat) 17:02

YUCHON’s dinner 


A large portion of kimchi!

This is YUCHON’s meal before he’s heading to the stage!

2009/06/13 (Sat) 16:19

JUNSU also… 


in the midst of practicing guitar!

They both have skill in it now?

These members all of sudden were having a guitar battle in the dressing room!

2009/06/13 (Sat) 16:17

Guitar battle?! 


YUCHON was practicing guitar again today.

and next…. 

source: TSC staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress 

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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090613 Micky’s Thank You Mail Osaka

Everyone in Osaka. Thank you for the support.


Another one day of LIVE after previous two days has passed and I feel lonely, but today’s live is really fun v (^ o ^) v

I’m so impressed to have a lot of love from you today.

With all of your true support to me, I think that’s why I can obtain what I’ve become.

The LIVE in OSAKA will be ended by tomorrow (T-T)

Yet there’s still A-NATION, we have to wait for that (*^ー゜)v

Thank you!

source: tohomobile
credit: yukabon’s room
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


sorry for MIA-ing in the day will be updating stuff soon XD

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090613 THSK TSC Secrets


Junsu always think that in his previous life~ he’s a “star” (T/N: literally, STAR — the ones in the sky? ^^;;)


YUCHON got an acrophobia, thus he couldn’t ride ferris wheel.


JEJUNG’s favorite anime character is “TOTORO”! (T/N: My neighborhood Totoro — I thought that’s YUCHON’s fav??)


If the doom’s day is right on the corner, he will eat pizza for the last time!


In a minute, once he touches his bed, he’ll fall asleep (he said…)!!

source: tohomobile
credit: yukabon’s room 
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress 

High five Mick! But not to the extent of not being able to ride the ferris wheel tho~

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090613 The Secret Code Staff Report- Osaka day 3

2009/06/13 (Sat) 15:06

In the middle of reviewing the video!

In the rehearsal, the members who are in the midst of verifying video!

YUNHO and CHANGMIN dressed exactly the same when they were verifying the video (laughs)

(T/N: those two men with black wifebeater, can u see the suddenly twin?? lol)

2009/06/13(Sat) 13:43

The 3rd day!

In Osaka where the heat really makes you sweating, the 3rd days starts!

Promo truck YUCHON ♪

At the back of Osakajo hall there are 5 unites of them, please take a picture ☆!

source: TSC staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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