090611 THSK TSC Staff Update Osaka

2009/06/11(Thu) 17:14


2009/06/11(Thu) 17:03

4 year!


Toho Dancer SONNY

It is an uplift stage from former times!

“Coming through the 4th year by all power HWAITING! Thank you for your constantly warm support!”

Hope for a nice stage today, thanks (^ ^)


2009/06/11 (Thu) 16:20

Which one should I get? 


The lunch period is a bit slow

JEJUNG got trouble in choosing the food!

You should not eat the whole thing!



2009/06/11 (Thu) 15:32

During the rehearsal 


Members arrived at the venue and are doing reheasal!

YUCHON saw cushions which are placed at the premium seats.

“I want this.” he said in demand to the staffs (^ o ^;



2009/06/11 (Thu) 15:28

Osaka the second day! 



The second day in Osaka, it’s sunny.. completely different from yesterday!

Currently at fanclub booth is holding members reception.

Since we’ll be very busy after the end of live, thus before the live starts, please come to visit!

Fan club booth is at the back, passes through (something) ☆

source: TSC staff report

trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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