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090610 THSK TSC Staff Update

2009/06/10(Wed) 18:36
Osaka Day! 



2009/06/10(Wed) 18:19

Music Conversation!


Discovering the recording director and YUNHO who have been chatting about music!

It’s gonna start the LIVE soon! it’s time for you to change your clothes!


2009/06/10(Wed) 16:50

Too snuggle?! 


JEJUNG and JUNSU were checking the video in PC together!

But I think they’re too snuggle…(・・;)

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THSK Premium Showcase ’09 in Omotesando


Tohoshinki have decided to hold the TOHOSHINKI PREMIUM SHOWCASE 2009 in OMOTESANDO!
And here are the details for the the first two events. 

DATE: 2009.07.02 ~ 2009.07.06
PRICE : 500 yen (tax included) for 2 field tickets
SHOWCASE 1 – – Harajuku Quest Hall
SHOWCASE 2 – – Library Plaza Omotesando B3F SPACEOH (some special location, we will verify later) 

source: ohmicky
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress

Siannnn~cannot go….siannnn!!! 500Yen is like less than SGD$8 T___T!!! Oh my tortured soul…


Edited with more info


New Schedules


『PATi PATi』new
『S Cawaii』new
『WHAT’s IN?』new
23:30~23:59 NHK 『MUSIC JAPAN』new
※新曲『Stand by U』歌います。
19:55~20:54 TBS系 『Tokyo Friends Park』new
21:00~23:00 NHK 『SAVE THE FUTURE エコうた』new
※新曲『Stand by U』歌います。
18:00~18:30 Fuji TV 『MUSIC FAIR 21』new

Credits: DBSKnights + Toho.jp

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TohoMobile Quiz

Whose is this?


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090610 THSK TSC Osaka Secrets


Credit: on template

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Yay Max Fighting! Let’s go swimming together ^^


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Yunho’s Dog – Typhoon New born Puppies


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Edited with more pics


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TohoMobile FM Osaka

Night to all ^__^
Seems like the boys hair are getting longer this days..
and long hair means one thing!!!!
Let’s just pray for the best and like what Yoochun always say, Always Keep The Faith! 


YAY Haircut! The word that micky fans have been wanting to hear in awhile hehe~^^

credit: xiahyu-ri
shared by:
 sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress

Extra (because I have to chopchop update before I go out :D):

Who’s getting married? 

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090610 THSK CEO Matsuura Blog Update

Tohoshinki’s A-Nation Campaign in Osaka

Finally on June 10th at Osakajo Hall

There are also live performances from 4DAYS while Tohoshinki is on Osaka

Tohoshinki contributed in on the road promotion

Tohoshinki themselves are in charge of the opening performance in A-Nation Osaka

This year will be Tohoshinki’s 5 consecutive years participation in A-Nation and this is amazing

The first time (they participated), only a little people who knew Tohoshinki

But who knows that the number increases steadily each year

Last year A-Nation,

in collaboration together with Koda Kumi and TRF

They performed aggresively

This year A-Nation, gaining more momentum, they will appear again!

After recording of TV, FM Osaka.

After the recording of FM radio in Osaka, this is picture together with the show’s DJ, RIO ↓ 


In this region, there are television and radio broadcasting to be done.

It was on air on Sunday and will be broadcasted soon

Please check the Official Site of Tohoshinki!

In the end, please enjoy your Osakajo Hall LIVE!

credit: CEO Matsuura Blog
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress 

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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090609 Junsu UFO Replies

Fan: Anticipating today’s performance~
Junsu: Only anticipating today’s performance~ (*_*)

Fan: Aiya!! Don’t say Junsu-kun!! I got received Junsu-kun’s UFO!!
Junsu: Thank you~T_T~ help me beat up ChangMin this brat—- hahahaha

Fan: It’s said that Cassiopeia is Dong Bang, then Dong Bang is?
Junsu: Of course it’s Cassiopeia.. ^^

Fan: How to get such big thighs ahh T_T please tell me the secrets huhu
Junsu: So embarrassing:: T_T It’s thicker now compare to that time keke

Fan: Junsu oppa. . . Confirm will reply right?. .
Junsu: Though not looking forward to it but gave you this feeling of getting a reply kekeke^^

Fan: Compare to food I like TVXQ better
Junsu: Then starting now you can’t eat ^^

Fan: Our Junsu is too cute! Because of what you’re that cute ah?
Junsu: Because of you hehe^^

Fan: Yunho oppa and Junsu oppa, who is in charge of charisma~??? Eu kyang kyang
Junsu: I am the invisible inner charisma …………

Fan: I really miss JaeJoong ah T_T 555555 How to deal with missing him? Teach me please
Junsu: Go to NAVER and type YoungWoong JaeJoong…………… ^^

Fan: Oppa, after eating so many messages must be full right?!
Junsu: Happy till my stomach’s gonna explode soon^^

Please take out with full credits.
Credits : TVXQbaidu
translation : crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot.com
shared by : sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress


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Junsu’s Luxurious Townhouse Gift For Parents

I think he promised his mum a house when he debuted or before or something? Wahh this is more than living up to that promise. I emphatize with the burden of being the other Kim Twin. No wonder Junho has been seeking airtime too…





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