090607 THSK TSC Staff Update Hiroshima

2009/06/07 (Sun) 19:21

Jaejoong is amazing!

After the performance ended, everyone went to a spicy noodle shop!

In the picture, is Jaejoong’s spicy noodle, 50 times spiciness!

Yoochun is 40 times, while the other members are having the ordinary 30 times spiciness ☆

While SAM…. he’s only 4 times spiciness (laughs)

Jaejoong are likely to challenge the 80 times spiciness now (^o^;

2009/06/07(Sun) 15:55

Before changing clothes…

Junsu was tasting GOFURETTO (Toho’s official cookies)! It’s delicious!

“Only vanilla?” he approached the staffs, asking (laughs)

All preparations are done, the stage will be up soon ♪

2009/06/07 (Sun) 15:50


He’s receiving massage while watching drama!

2009/06/07 (Sun) 15:40

Hiroshima famous confectionary

According to one of the staff, Hiroshima special product is rice cake!

Jejung tasted it also, he said “Good!” excitedly ♪

2009/06/07(Sun) 15:08

Before the stage…

Discovered Jaejoong who is having a late lunch!

It’s combination of Kimchi and hashed beef!

2009/06/07 (Sun) 13:14


The members entered venue, doing the rehearsal!

Yoochun who is very weak in the morning, is quite slow moving (laughs)

we are working hard in rehearsal!

2009/06/07(Sun) 12:26

When we look at the sky…

The sun is surrounded roundly by, the rainbow!!
It’s very clean, and looks mysterious ☆

Everyone who are in the venue right now, please try to look at the sky ♪

2009/06/07 (Sun) 12:23

Hiroshima the second day ☆

Hiroshima is Sunny!

It is very hot (>_<)

source: TSC staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress



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4 responses to “090607 THSK TSC Staff Update Hiroshima

  1. janice

    jaejoong’s arms.. muahaha!
    are u jealous denise?~
    he’s flexing for me again.. ^^

    • fanaholic

      denise: I’m sad T_T some stupid person on another site said Yoochun is ugliest in the group and that he has no talent. wtf lah. *sobs*

      • janice

        wah serious?? i disagree!
        yoochun definately has talent!!

      • fanaholic

        ahhhhhh u didn’t say anything abt him not being the ugliest!! anyway I’m having crisis again T_T tell u later the reason. That’s why the other members getting more posts XD

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