The 2NE1 Concept


They had already participated in an advertisement for a large enterprise together with ‘oppa group’ Big Bang, and ensured their popularity through the CM song ‘Lollipop’ (the first project), and after they had successfully had their TV debut stage through the SBS Inkigayo on 17th (the second project) they chose to give interviews as the third project.

During the interviews, they have presented a better command of speech compared to the other peer girl groups by explaining their identity and such with a calmer tone.

About their identity, leader of 2NE1 CL expressed “we present the charm of neutral with an intrepid rap as the base, and we are fully presenting the charm of four colours, four persons by this”.

The way she spoke in that particular part is just close to the atmosphere around them. The four members including leader CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Gong Min Ji are usually easygoing and bold, fully emitting the charm of neutral. Therefore, they are advertised as the cool girl group by using the intrepid rap and tough lyrics, and also advertised as the neutral group that has received recognition from both male and female fans.

The rich performance and stylish clothing, as well as the strong hip-hop sound with reggae beat, that’s their uniqueness, and it is also their difference compared to the current well-known sexy groups.

The core of the “4 persons 4 colours strategy’ was developed by 4 member group’s, 2NE1’s leader CL. CL is promoting them as the strength-based group that YG Ent. has been pursuing, and as the most stylish group with their personalities as the foundation. She plays the decisive role in the ‘handsome’ girl group that has the tough performances as their main core. She had her trainee period in YG for 9 (?) years, and she is the one who can best digest their ideas and looks. Compared to the others of the same age, CL has a tougher leadership as her base, and she is also decision maker what comes to the brands and colours of the group.

The 16-year-old girl Gong Min Ji, using her naturally born dancing skills as the foundation, is also playing the decisive role in promoting the special image of 2NE1 what comes to the powerful performances as their weapon as well as the characteristic looks as their base.

Gong Min Ji said “Sine young I have been liking dancing very much. Therefore I’m very hard-working, and now I’m able to be part of this group. I will try my best to promote the image of this strong and cool group that has the hiphop as the foundation”.

Sandara Park and Park Bom on the other hand, who have already declared their existences earlier among the fans as the “Philippine’s hallyu girl” and “Anycall Project”, are playing the roles of group’s mascot with their friendliness as the main weapon. Therefore, they are also in decisive roles in the aspect of increasing the popularity of the group together with the theme “Female Big Bang” brand.

In this way, each of them has fully carried out their roles in deciding the group’s image, and thus 2NE1 can only show their personal brand strategy which is different from the strategies of current groups.

Sandara and Bom said “Compared to those existing girl groups that show up with the ‘sexy’ concept, we will present the strategy with the charm of neutral as the foundation and also with the various images as the aid. The image policy responds to the most front-end trend focusing on the “personalities” and “clothing”. Especially the good music is placed on the front-line, making people to think this group also as a strength-based group”.

They have declared their self identity, and whether they will be successful or not, that will be a great help in the formation of image strategy for this upcoming group in the local music industry.

Source: Asia Economic News/21.impact
Translations: ming^ming@ygsecret21

Shared by: minsarang@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress


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