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090531 THSK TSC Staff Update Fukuoka Part 2

2009/05/31(Sun) 14:12

The mischief love…


when we’re about to enjoy Gofuretto (T/N: the name of that biscuit) with coffee…

Half of it was taken away by Yoochun (-.-;)

GOFURETTO vanilla is sold exclusively at the venue ☆

2009/05/31 (Sun) 13:53

Rice for lunch…


Manager’s handmade bbimbimbap!

As for the recipe:

egg and yellow vinegar and sweet-sour pork with kimchi and tofu (laughs).
All in appropriate amount (*_*)

When the members were asked how it tasted? They said “delicious!”

Now they can preserve for the LIVE concert! (^ O ^)

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Changmin’s Diary


This is apparently a page out of a younger Changmin’s diary…

haah i thought JJ was kidding about CM writing about food but this is what he said:

Seriously seriously seriously ………. ^ ^;;

It’s worrying ..

Hamburgers. Pizza. Ddeokbokgi. Black pudding. Sundae. Kamaboko. Kimbab. Bibimbap

Spaghetti. Jjajangmyeon. Sweet and sour pork. Dumplings. Kkanpunggi. Capsicum Donburi

Tofu. Sobulgogi Donburi. Omelet rice. Rabokgi. Jjajangbap

Champon. Jjolmyeon. Seolreongbap. Bulgogi. Bulgalbi. Galbitang

Galbijjim. Sashimi. Hoedeopbap. Squid. Octopus. Salmon. Shrimps

Kimchi stew. Miso soup. Tempura. Udon. Sweets. Drink. Ham. Cheese

Cake. Sandwich. Yakitori. Dalgalbi. Chicken. Pork cutlet

Candy. Fruit. French fries. Daljjim. Daldoritang. Gulbi. Potatoes

Sweet potatoes. Chestnut. Quails eggs. Duck. Haejangguk woogeoji. Curry

Meatballs. Soup. Yukgaejang. Bread. Cookies. Noodles. Kimchi fried rice

Fried rice. Twinkies. Gamjatang. Seafood stew. Mushroom stew and ice cream.

Sushi. Tofu stew. Tofu fries. Buchimgae. Bindaetteok. Gimchijeon. Scallion pancake

Buchujeon. Gyeranjjim. Gyeranmalgi. Boiled eggs. Tuna. Rice cake. Tteokguk

Beef. Kimchi. Yubuchobap. Dumpling soup. Kim. Crabs. Yukhoe. Gejang

And that is not ….. It’s not all …..

There’s … only a problem.. Those are too much to eat

credit: ohmicky
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

haha! seriously this man…-__-“


pic credit: yukariichangmin

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THSK TSC 090530 Fukuoka Junsu Fancam

So he’s definitey healed now? haha^^

Credit: farahyuchun1@YT

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THSK Rainbow Cellphone Wallpapers







Credit: tohomary@dnbn

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Changmin’s Baby

Mangdoongi! Ahh this thing is so cute! XD (who thought it was an actual kid? haha Max isn’t that scandalous..right?hehe)


this lil thing is so cute! I wish i wasn’t so averse to being around dogs..or allergic


I believe I can flyyyy ^^

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Suju’s Siwon in June Issue of Men’s Health

According to his trainer Siwon apparently lost 15kg (33 pounds) for this shoot! Daymn! You better appreciate these pics





Credit: sweetitude in Eye Candy@ allkpop

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THSK VMA Japan 2009


Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki had a miss at ‘Best Group Video’ for the awards this time.

Their MV for ‘MIROTIC’ was nominated for the award category but the award eventually went to Exile with the MV ‘Ti amo’.

Other videos nominated for the award is group Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Ulysses’ and The Killers‘ ‘Human’. .

‘MIROTIC’ went up to the Oricon daily chart when it was released as the group’s 24th single last October in Japan. And the song had received much love from music fans.

It is a shame that the group did not win the award, but they are currently having their 4 concert tour in Japan ‘2009 – The Secret Code’ and was not able to attend the awards ceremony.

Please take out with full credits.
Credits :sookyeong@wordpress

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Never mind TVXQ is ALWAYS number One! XD


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