090531 THSK TSC Staff Update Fukuoka Part 2

2009/05/31(Sun) 14:12

The mischief love…


when we’re about to enjoy Gofuretto (T/N: the name of that biscuit) with coffee…

Half of it was taken away by Yoochun (-.-;)

GOFURETTO vanilla is sold exclusively at the venue ☆

2009/05/31 (Sun) 13:53

Rice for lunch…


Manager’s handmade bbimbimbap!

As for the recipe:

egg and yellow vinegar and sweet-sour pork with kimchi and tofu (laughs).
All in appropriate amount (*_*)

When the members were asked how it tasted? They said “delicious!”

Now they can preserve for the LIVE concert! (^ O ^)


2009/05/31 (Sun) 13:46

At the end of rehearsal…


The member who remains on stage is YUNHO!

He’s practicing drum plays ☆

Hope that he’ll be able to demonstrate to you some day …!

2009/05/31 (Sun) 13:28

During rehearsal…


Eventhough doing the same menu in every performance, the members still do them all or nothing (full heartedly.

The only matter of concern is the place of members to get out the stage!

2009/05/31(Sun) 13:11

At the fan club …


It is the meeting place in the midst of admission campaign which has been executed!

Official fanclub Bigeast will give to those who join at the spot a “hand-written message card member” for free!

Please join us in this opportunity ♪

2009/05/31 (Sun) 12:56

Fukuoka audiences… 


“TOHOSHINKI OFFICIAL PHOTO SELECT SHOP” started in the sale of live photos!

For visitors, please visit us ♪

2009/05/31(Sun) 11:51

Fukuoka the second day!

Under the clear blue sky, the second day of Fukuoka started!

Goods will start to be sold soon!

For all visitors, since it’s hot, please take care of your body! 

 source: tsc staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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