Kim Bum Drops Out of 71

By sweetitude in Movies @ allkpop

Actor Kim Bum has decided to drop out of the movie 71 that he had previously been cast in with Big Bang’s Seung Ri and fellow actor Yoo Seung Ho.

The movie 71 tells the story about 71 South Korean student soldiers who fight against several hundred North Korean soldiers in the war on August 10th, 1950. The South Korean soldiers are led by their three commanders, Yun Chi Wook (Seungri), Park Han Seob (Kim Bum), and Eugene/Yoo Jin (Yoo SeungHo).

It has been revealed that due to the tight scheduling of his other movie, Emergency and his drama Dream, it wasn’t feasible to be working on 71 also. It must be hard to be the “It” boy, although I wonder how this will affect the movie’s production now that one of its top actors is out.


mann i wished he’d done this instead of like Emergency or something..for one 71 looks like it has a better storyline and also he’d have helped save Kim Byul’s life or something hahah~ I prefer the historical-ish stuff than the lovey dovey stuff anyways

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One response to “Kim Bum Drops Out of 71

  1. sussan

    be patient …
    kim bum has many film he will could do 😛
    so i think he doesnt worriy about it..

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