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THSK TSC Sapporo CEO Matsuro’s Blog Update


Matsuro CEO’s Blog Update 09.05.26

東方神起 札幌ライブでジュンス復活!
동방신기 삿포로라이브에서 준수 부활!
At DBSK’s Sapporo Live, Junsu was resurrected (recovered)! 
준수가 춤을 췄습니다.
Junsu danced.
투어 개막전날 오른쪽 발목의 염좌때문에
On the opening day of the tour, because he sprained his right ankle
당분간 연출을 바꾸어가며
they changed the presentation of the concert for a bit. 
춤추지 않는 라이브를 계속해왔던 준수였습니다만,
Although Junsu was the only one who did not dance during the live, 
거의 회복되어서,
he is almost fully recovered, 
드디어, 지난주말 삿포로공연에서 전곡 춤을췄습니다!
and finally, in the Sapporo Concert last weekend, he danced! 
준수의 댄스 부활로 대흥분한 회장의 사진과
A photo of the excited stage caused by Junsu’s restored dancing abilities 
종연후의 준수의 끝까지 해낸 사진을 올립니다.
and a photo of Junsu after the concert have been posted. 
이번주말은, 후쿠오카. 준수, 춤춥니다!
This weekend, Fukuoka! Junsu will dance!
Translated by: zhuuzhuusoba @ iscreamshinki.net
Source: DNBN

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YooChun Ballons PicSpam!

Dedicated to the very busy Denise 😀


Yay! Smile Micky smile XD


Micky’s little fanboy! So cuteeeeeee ^^

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[Eng Sub]THSK on NTV Mirai Sozodo

Here are the subbed videos of Mirai Sozodo! Sadly, I don’t have time to watch them yet:(


Raw Source: poi @ nockin CB
Translator, Timer & Editor: seimeinohana@LJ
Raw Uploader, Typesetter & Encoder: ichigotvxq@LJ / ichigokjj@youtube
Please thanks seimeinohana for doing all the hard parts here!!
I just encode and typeset it for her.
And wanna say thanks to her for giving me permission to upload it here in youtube.


[TRANSLATION ARE NOT 100% ACCURATE. Translated from Japanese – English.
Please be respectful]

[ASK PERMISSION FROM Seimeinohana if you want to sub it on other language.]

Go to seimeinohana’s LJ for download and asking permission.

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THSK on Mu-Mo Ranking


WOOTS! THSK at no. 1 and 6! THSK FIGHTING!! XD

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THSK Tokyo Park Friend 2 Recording Fan Account

They came after TSC Sapporo those poor things T___T” THSK FIGHTING!

Title: Recording has ended…
2009/05/25 20:01

It has ended now.
How should I say this…?
I feel like an empty shell now.

And I also wrote an hour ago.
Now, I’m slowly coming back to reality…
As expected, I don’t want to come back to reality yet…
I have a strong feeling that I no longer know why…[T/N: Unsure]

We were instructed by the staff not to reveal the contents of the recording, so I will just tell you how the members looked^^

All the members seemed to be in good health.
Once Sapporo [T/N: Live tour] was over, they came immediately, so they looked tired~
Although I thought so, it comes as no surprise.

For the attraction that was clinging to the wall [T/N: “Wall Crash”], as expected, Junsu could not jump over them.
Except for that attraction, everyone did everything together♪ [T/N: The games]

Anyway, Yunho is very cool!!! Very good looking!!!
I think all women would agree with this, which woman wouldn’t be attracted to the manliness of the veins that are visible at the surface of the wrist?? [T/N: She means that the protruding veins are manly. Lol.]
Yunho-san is such an ideal man~☆

Changmin was like a cute little animal ♥
Of course, he is the tallest and has the most power, but he kept nodding his head in agreement with every rule explained; that was really very lovely♥♥

Jaejoong is the same as always♪
As expected, he got into the mood very easily♥
And he was really beautiful too❖

Ah, it’s hopeless.
The tears come when I remember the fun times.

Hmm well, today he appeared with his hair done up.
I could see his back view many times,
Yoochun-san’s body is like an inverted triangle.
Although it was a little hunched, that brought about a good atmosphere… [T/N: Don’t get it; maybe cos of his smexy broad shoulders?]
Yoochun-san didn’t look at the fans much, but when we looked at the stage wings, the staff would meet our eyes politely.

Junsu, compared to his usual self, was more composed.
Although the number of times he looked at the audience was the least, he put in the most effort for all the attractions.
His concentration is so great that you can tell it is his true feelings. [T/N: That he wants to do his best]
As expected, he is charismatic neh ❖

Also, although it has nothing to do with Tohoshinki, the staff of Friend Park gave a very good impression.
Personally, I think that Masayuki Watanabe-san was especially nice.
When they are rooting for our Tohoshinki,
I saw a lot of warmth in their eyes.
The feeling (from them) was very fatherly.

[T/N: Skipped the part that doesn’t mention Toho]

As you know, the broadcast is on 25th June.
Please don’t miss it!!
Also, please look out for me. (Laughs)

After writing my diary entry, my tension gradually came back *wink* [T/N: Japanese slang for high spirits]
I’ll try my best in school tomorrow too!

Well then, *waves*

Source: [20209661.at.webry.info]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
shared by: dbsknights
Please do not remove without full credits.

ahh! Changmin so cute like a child! Hahah the comment “Yoochun-san…Ah, it’s hopeless.” hahaha and then followed by description of his hair..hmmm haha I wonder what the fan’s disappointed about LOL XD

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Joint Japan-Korea Production Effort

By eunicec in Drama @ allkpop

A huge Korea-Japan joint telecinema production has begun for viewers’ entertainment purposes. And this is going to be pretty fun!

The line up of celebrities is incredible consisting of all our favorites, spanning from old drama favorites (now ahjusshis) to new pop cuties making their acting debuts! 

Some of the big names are: Lee Ji Ah, Ahn Jae Wook, Bae Seul Ki, Bae Soo Bin, Cha In Pyo, Go Ah Sung, Go Jung Min, Ye Ji Wo, Han Hyo Joo, Heo Yi Jae, Ji Jin Hee, Kang Hye Jung, Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Hyo Jin, SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon, Lee Soo Kyung, Big Bang’s Seungri and TOP, Shin Sung Woo, Son Ho Young, and the Prince himself DBSK’s Jaejoong.

The productions will be seven two-hour segments all produced and created by the best of the best in the Korean and Japanese entertainment world. These mini dramas/movies will be released in theaters as well as televised in two part segments. The telecinema projects are set to air sometime later in September. Production has already begun for most of the projects and rumors are that there will be more to come. All ten films will be introduced in both countries.

TOP and Seungri’s “19” is one of the projects in this massive production.

SS501 Kim Hyung Joon has been cast as a main character as a mini-mogul in the entertainment industry, starring alongside Bae Seul Ki and Son Ho Young, in an untitled production.


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Kim Bum In Emergency & Dream


Contribution by: sweetitude in Eye Candy @ allkpop

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Kim Hyun Joong in Haptic Mission 2


oooh~ smouldering eyes

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YunJaeYooSu Endorsements


At Seolleim CF


Here’s where my really bad Korean failed me but JJ’s looking good so you don’t care right? ^^




Credits: as tagged + dnbn

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A Younger Model Changmin




^^ Is he hot? or is he HAWT?? XD I soooo LIKE!

Credits: DBSKnights + Murasaki Hashidoi

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