Changmin Focus at NTV Mirai Sozodo

Ahh I was so lazy to update today what with so much work to do..but but BUT! Of course I must update when there are Changmin photos! XD YAY!

Haha my photobucket account is also a Changmin fan. Usually it takes damn long to upload stuff but no problems uploading CM photos ^5 photobucket LOL ^^

AhhChooo!!! Haha so dramatic XD


Hungry for more?




ahhh~ so gorgeousss. Changmin Oppa my heart will pound for you for more than 200 days..well anyway if it stops pounding i die ^^




ohh his bright and shining eyes (*.*)~swooon swooon~




A well-fed Changmin is a happy Changmin 😀


Model Changmin! haha *pose pose*









KYAAAA~~!!! 너무 귀여운!! 창민 오빠 사랑해!!! XD 

Credit: as tagged + dbsknights + sharingyoochun

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