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Micky’s Bdae More Pics

Isn’t the man’s birthday in June? Who cares right? Hahah ^^ It’s been his birthday since the start of the year. It’s DBSK day everyday of the year! hahaha


Yoochun’s Omma and Harang there to get the party started!


ahh Micky (the Mouse) would also be proud (or jealous) ^^

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Changmin Focus at NTV Mirai Sozodo

Ahh I was so lazy to update today what with so much work to do..but but BUT! Of course I must update when there are Changmin photos! XD YAY!

Haha my photobucket account is also a Changmin fan. Usually it takes damn long to upload stuff but no problems uploading CM photos ^5 photobucket LOL ^^

AhhChooo!!! Haha so dramatic XD


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090524 Micky Party Fan Account

(all stories inside told by his mom)

Today I went to Micky Party and posted this at home

There were so many pics of yuchun oppa from the entrance. I took so many pics and waited for 2 hours to get in to the auditorium.

At first , they opened Seolleim Cf and I was surprised so I strated screaming.( sorry to uni students sitting in front of me)

Then after video session., special guest for this event appeard.

It was Yoochun Mom.

She really made us happy with her story. Especially about her dream .

She dreamt about getting two gold bananas and the meaning about this is she would receive big treasure at young age. She thought about twins at first. It was likely to be lovely daughter or if it was boy he would be beautiful and pretty like woman. He/she would be musician or get jobs relating to art. He/she would be scared of lots of thing and good-looking for both male and female. (OMG sooooo true)

Moreover, she told us these stories.

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