BOF Haptic Mission & Jap Mag Pics












I prefer their BOF images to their Haptic ones..hmm~



haha but what’s this? Class photo? For someone who’s supposed to be the playa Kim Bum looks the most…innocent haah it’s the goody goody-looking ones we have to be wary of ^^~

Credit: allkpop

Bonus! Hyun Joong Video!

Credit: hoonfami@ YT

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress



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7 responses to “BOF Haptic Mission & Jap Mag Pics

  1. eldjianedi’s so nice..

  2. dEwbeRRy

    thEy are aLl sO dAmn hOt…

    eSpecIally mY hYun jOong oppA… ‘_’

  3. galing nyong sumayaw jland jelton

  4. its so nice jelord dugho and jelton auxtero

  5. ANne

    hi kim bum ur so cute specially jun pyo

  6. alice


    grabe talaga!!!

    idol cu kau

  7. nana

    kim hyun-joong has the best smile! hahaha!
    and outfit too!

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