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Unseen Lotte Pics



I like this image for them so much! 


credit: on pic + tvxqindo
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Just updated:


 Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQ Baidu + DNBN + soompi


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Yunho’s Thank You Message TSC Sapporo

Hello everyone
YUNHO desu~

I came to the city many times before~
\ (= ^ O ^ =) /
I SAMUKATTA ( Its Cold) my youth is a good feeling to SUZUSHIKU.

I enjoyed myself today and more to resurrect the Full of Energy~ JUNSU
\ (^^)/

Today KIKOETA ( I saw) well and your voice is very good.
We also give you a break tomorrow

I’ll be in your care for the days in Sapporo
(> ∀ <)

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

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THSK & Pets Part of AADBSK 3?

Word is that the DBSK & Pets photo you’ve been enjoying are gonna be part of the next installation of All About DBSK slated for probable/rumoured release in June. Look out for it 🙂




Micky & Harang! Wahhh his hair in these pics is so nice it makes me wanna take back every horrible ahjumma related thing I’ve said about it!



Omo~ Micky looks so dashing! XD

source: Japan web
credits: 东方神起全球中文网 + hoobs + as tagge
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Junsu Focus At NTV Mirai Sozodo

So manyyy Junsuuu picssss~



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Junsu’s Exercise



what the…bags? What’s up with the people planning his birthday projects? Add ‘dumbells’ to list of presents to get please..haha.. but ohh his muscles are definitely growing! Niceee! What’s in those bags?? 


BONUS! haha Vick can’t get enough of Shaki..haha read Shaki’s expression o.O! ‘I’m screwed!’ haha~

credit: dnbn + as tagged
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THSK TSC Sapporo Staff Update

2009/05/23 (Sat) 17:01

A bit early…


Yoochun is eating an early dinner. Because the stage is starting soon.

2009/05/23 (Sat) 16:28

In today’s performance…


There will be mono at the beginning… (I am not sure)

What a fun!


2009/05/23 (Sat) 15:32

Being enthusiastic…


In rehearsal!

Junsu has been being so enthusiastic!

2009/05/23 (Sat) 14:42

By the way… 


One item to be introduced from our lunch rice companion! “Mirin Grilled Cod”

It’s red meat! Also the member said it’s delicious!

2009/05/23 (Sat) 14:41


Pile and pile… (T/N: pile of rice)


Yunho and Changmin seem to enjoy their rice for lunch

They’re eating a lot!

(you can see they’re wearing masks… to avoid the swine flu virus? O.O)

2009/05/23 (Sat) 14:10

At goods counter


Meet the dancer team! They’re becoming official goodies PR (T/N: advertising the official goods ^^). These nice guys are always fresh!

2009/05/23 (Sat) 13:27



It’s been raining. But everyone in Hokkaido, and you who have come from all over area, we’ll get hype together! Please be careful not to catch cold.

source: TSC Staff Report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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THSK Secrets Sapporo

The name Sapporo reminds me of those prawn crackers..yummm..anyways..

2009-05-23 Sapporo Makomanai-first day

Junsu really likes the night view of Yokohama! He wants to bring the person he loves there and enjoy the scenery together.

(aww wouldn’t that be nice)

During the T concert tour in Hokkaido, the generous Yuchun promised to treat the staff [a meal] of crabs!

(save money for hair cut! we should really start a hair cut movement for micky. who’s in? we can donate his hair to people with premature balding problem. It’s a good cause right? teehee^^. Ahh I feel Denise’s overwhelming glare from another continent.)

The first dish Jejung ate when he came to Japan was 『カツ丼』 [a pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice]

Changmin thinks that his charm is his straightforward and innocent self!


Yunho is Bigeast(ID) no.4!

Bigeast ID so far:

1. Jaejoong
2. Changmin
3. Junsu
4. Yunho
5. Yoochun

Sorry for random spazzing in there XD.

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu
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THSK & Their Dogs Part 2


ahh cute!



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Bae Yong Joon Talks About Kim Jae Joong


I agree with BYJ too 🙂 credit: on template
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THSK July Ray Magazine Scans





mannn i wish to learn jap to now~ ahhh changmin ah! *swooon swooon* ^^~

credit: Murasaki-Hashidoi
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