New F3 and Son Dambi Haptic Mission 2


Credit: maymay2711 @ YT

In this installation Lee Minho replaces Kim Bum who signed with Samsung’s rival LG o.O! So scandalous! ^^

There are only teasers for this one as this second part will only be released on May 27.

Credit: meow13131313 @ YT

Play by SS501

Credit: juhee589 @ YT 

Credit: allkpop

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6 responses to “New F3 and Son Dambi Haptic Mission 2

  1. zizen

    Wow, hyunjoong! smoking hot!

  2. charmaine cortes

    what boy group does jun pyo,yi joong, woo bn, and ji hoo of boys over flowers belong in real life?=] and also, what girl group does jan di and ga eul belongin real life?=] thanks!=]

    • fanaholic

      umm..jun pyo and yi jung are actors though they are made to sing for the special afterstory.jihoo who is hyunjoong is from ss501 and woo bin who is kim joon is from T eul and jan di are not from any girl bands either they are just actresses

  3. charmaine cortes

    thanks… =] ummm…. I have one question again. Do the stars of boys over flowers planned to come here in the philippines?=]

  4. charmaine cortes

    hehehehe…=] if they plan to come here in the philippines, I hope they will stay here in cebu.=]

  5. fanaholic

    denise: they havent say anything yet>_< by the way, is bof showing in Philippines now? i know Lee min ho recently came to Australia though, so there's hope!

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