Continuation of BOF??

Well some of you have probably already found out but I just did (o.O <- slow). Anyways there is gonna some Special Edition Finale Musical Drama for BOF showing what happens to the main cast after 5 years (=.=),,, hmmm could be good or bad. Oh yeah KBS2TV is airing it today 19th May so all of you privileged people with cable can go watch it.

Anyway the underprivileged without cable like me can just always rely on good ol’ youtube and their chraitable uploaders XD. Here’s the Yi Jung and Woo Bin after story… 


credit: moonml @ YT

credit: hoonfami@ YT


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10 responses to “Continuation of BOF??

  1. kristy

    super gwapo ninyo talaga….

  2. hi i’m zharla my nick name is charla i like to meet u in the personal i wish u will be here in the ormoc leyte i wish in my b-day u will be here in june 1 this coming 2009 i’m promise to my self that i will go there to korea just to see u in the personal. f4 can i have some favor can visit us in the ormoc leyte i cannot sleep if cannot see the movie before i sleep the boys over flower ok bye thnak u.I hope u can recieved this message. this is my e-mail add: bye i love f4

  3. to all the f4 thank u very very very much for the wonderful movies in the boys over flower i love f4 specialy goo joon pyo,ji hoo geum jan di, yi jeong,woo bin thank you very much

  4. a fanatic of this telenovela..i really love watching this..try also to watch on youtube..thanks to abs-cbn for letting us to inspired again..

  5. i love you f4 visit phils soon….

  6. picoolo

    Hi, I’m Vietnamse. I watched BOF on Tv, Thank for Youremotion! You are myfriend, aren’t you? Myemail: to me soon!

  7. f4…d hottest team up of the year…hope you will release a DVD of BOYS OVER FLOWERS so i can watch it over and over again. Hehehe…
    Me and my Friends are looking forward to have a copy of TAGALOG dub DVD. WE already have works so we cannot watch it on primetime. HUHU

  8. we love you guys! HOpe you can visit us here in the Philippines..

  9. hannah24

    i luv jihoo & jandi so much!

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