More Changmin at BigEast!

Hahaha since Denise has been indulging in her Yoochun obsession I shall also indulge with Changmin too XD. It’s more of like an accidental indulgence because I stumbled upon a treasure trove of Minnie’s pics n gifs at tvxqfever!hehe~





sighhh~ how can anyone be so gorgeous and adorable…???

there were around 80 plus pics and gifs o.O..I zipped for fellow Min Lovers to indulge in as well 🙂

And also because I don’t wanna upload all 80 plus pics. My love for Changmin is more practical than anything teehee^^ 

From one Changmin fan to many others: Download HERE

Credits :OurChangmin
shared by: + fanaholic@wordpress


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2 responses to “More Changmin at BigEast!

  1. shiira

    thank you for the zip file..yes,its so true..changmin is sooo adorable and handsome these days..hahahha i cant get him off my head

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