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Update on Channel V’s Boys VS Girls Battle of the Pops

Congrats to the fans who’ve voted TVXQ into the quarter finals of this voting competition. TVXQ now faces Jay Chou and are lagging behind (again! the nightmare continues) so if you still care about this Channel V thing do click on the picture above and vote. Personally for me it’s not a big thing if TVXQ loses this coz come on..in our Cassie Universe there is no other number one except them :D. But we do have a good chance of winning if we want to coz I doubt Jay Chou has as much fan mobilizational power as the Korean bands do hehe (unless they get pissed off by this statement and start to act out -_-“)

An updtate for Suju fans as well: Super Junior are against S.H.E. in this round and they are also lagging though by a much smaller margin.

So, if you want a final round TVXQ VS SUJU showdown… do what it takes *wink wink*




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Junsu Videos :D

This one was also shared over at SYC…something the Junsu fans might want to take note:

credit:charismayun @ YT

but then again is calling him cute 5 times really enough when he acts like this…

credit: xdbsgdecx @ YT

Haha when you wanna steal the crown for King of Cute from Changmin you better be ready for the consequences dear Junsu haha 🙂

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress

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090518 THSK Staff Report- Sendai

■ YUCHUN supper in the …

2009/05/18 (Mon) 1:13

Hot dogs (420 yen) and (^-^)
Hanyu I had bought in PA!

The tour, ramen is a snack stand.

■ and me …
2009/05/17 (Sun) 23:24

Sugao curry udon PA (550 yen) YUCHON ate “good” fire! Praised! !
I recommend the YUCHUN (laughs).

Sendai everyone, thank you!
Next week is the Sapporo ☆

Credits: DBSKnights + Staffreport


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090517 Avex President Update-Sendai concert

Sendai concert TVXQ!

TVXQ tour of the mobilization of 250,000, third place.

Yesterday, today was the performance Hot House Super Arena Sendai!

We have many customers that came

It was a great upsurge.

JUNSU the foot is not yet completely Healed,

And It’ll recover a lot better, but little by little,

Still not been able to take part in the dance music.

“The more Chirimasu”

We tell to himself,

Looking at the state, the return

Since we aim,

We’re sorry lot, please.

I want the best tour continues!

Credits: MaxmatsuuraBlog + DBSKnights

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Lee Min Ho for Trugen

I have been neglecting Boys Over Flowers! I was super into the show during my short break from DBSK back in Jan’09 but then Yoochun came along and stole my heart awayXD

Anyway here’s Lee Min ho modelling for the men’s apparel brand, Trugen. SO HANDSOME *faints* I kinda regret not stalking him when he came to Sydney last month>_< My Korean friend’s friend saw him at a restaurant!  Damn I should have camped at the airport.

credits: popseoul
shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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THSK backstage at Sendai

source: 紫丁花香+alwaysjaejoong
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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090518 Tohoshinki Bigeastation

credit: dnbn+sharingyoochun@wordpress


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[Full Audio] SHINee’s Juliette/Juliet

credits: 199urnobody199


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[Eng Sub]THSK Stand By U

Full version:) with eng subs


is anyone else as excited as me for the MV for Stand By U? I seriously can’t wait!!!


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(Eng Sub) MKMF DBSK Rehearsal

Part 1

Credits: Eternalmerkamoon4
Shared by: DBSKnights


credits: xiahking + eternalmerkamoon4

I was watching this without subs yesterday and spent the whole time staring at the way Yoochun talks XD AND Yes, Janice this is the rehearsal thing that I told you I was watching yesterday, the one that I said was so distracting. I admit I am a pervert for staring at his lips the whole time, but hey you are pervy too, what with the whole Jaejoong’s muscles thing XD


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