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2NE1 Inkigayo Debut Stage

2NE1’s debut stage with their song ‘Fire’

Peronally I thought the intro was kinda cool…I especially liked Minzy’s intro (is that her stage name now?I get confused -_-“). I thought her dance was the most energetic and powerful. But with the mystery and the hype around their debut..I kinda expected more colours, more spectacle…just more.Hmmm~

Credits: janes1988 @Youtube


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Yoochun- Piano compilation video (Birthday special)

Here it comes! Another Yoochun post♥  heehee I’m not kidding when I said that I will post at least one Yoochun post per day^^

A Micky piano compilation special♥♥  His birthday is coming soon!! I have to get started on his birthday preparations soon~

I love it when he plays the piano:)

Credits: OHMICKY! + DBSKnightsBlog
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress


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090517 Changmin’s Thank You mail- Sendai

Thank you to everyone in Sendai. This is Changmin.

Unfortunately, it’s raining today, but to see a lot of people coming, I was enormously glad.

However live in Sendai is already ended.

Still.. because we can meet after 15 months with everyone, it is the most pleasure.

When we’re coming next time to Sendai, the 5 people will be in more stamina, please looking forward to it! \ (^ ^)

source: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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090517 Super Junior’s It’s You Perf on Inkigayo

EDIT: I changed the youtube video, this one is SUPER CLEAR if you watch it in HD!

credit :Credit: SJ-World.net + SugarLikeMe

I still can’t decide who i like!!- Si won, hankyung, kyuhyun or donghae??

Some lol moments: Donghae’s white and black pants XD  and Kang In’s grey hair!!! Lee teuk’s ponytail as well! AND AND the chest popping dance XD ESPECIALLY Eunhyuk!!!!!


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Bigeast message translations

A translation of the messages they wrote^^

It was the best event!! As usual, everyone was at their best!!
Always, thank you!!

From now onwards, you can hear more good songs.
I will work hard!

Fanclub event was enjoyable!!
From now on, please listen to a lot of our song!!

It was enjoyable~
Let’s (meet/comeback) again yo~
*might be wrong cause i cant really see his handwriting..

Sadly, Yoochun’s handwriting is kinda difficult to read as well, so we are still trying to figure it out T.T

Please take out with full credits.
Picture credits: as tagged+ HeroBaidu+ tvxqfever.blogspot.com
translation: janice@fanaholic


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Tohoshinki 28th single-Stand By U (Radio Ver. 3m 47s)

just saw this vid at sharingyoochun! I love this song so much and there is finally a higher quality audio version!

Credit: Bestiz + mayz34

Single will be out on 1st July! Can’t wait^o^

I’ll re-post the lyrics as well. The song is so sad T.T Read more for lyrics

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090517 The Secret Code Concert Staffs’ Report- Sendai

2009/05/17 (Sun) 14:22


After the rehearsal, Yunho is checking the 28th clip of that was took yesterday

I think it will have a brilliant ending.

Everyone, even we’re here still looking forward to watch it ♪

2009/05/17 (Sun) 14:02

It’s Sendai but… 2

Next, is one of the staff’s mother who is living in Fukushima,

sent this kind of food,

It has Fukushima’s name which is <Walnut Chips>

They liked it very much too and Jaejoong said “This is really yummy (^ ~ ^)” ☆

2009/05/17 (Sun) 13:57

It’s Sendai but…

It’s Mr.Ibenta shi’s type of food from Nigata

and its name is <Nigata Chips>

The members liked it too, and are eating a lot (^^)

2009/05/17 (Sun) 13:02

Junsu ver.!

Today’s introduction is Junsu’s version truck! ☆

If you detect it, please take an even photo!

The members are in the meeting room, and eating in harmony

2009/05/17 (Sun) 12:54

Sendai’s 2nd day!

After yesterday’s concert, 150 tour staff & members had a meeting of [Let’s have strength in Sendai!]

It was a meeting for the members mainly of let’s work hardest to the end and it cheered us up greatly at night!

Today’s Sendai was unexpectedly rainy but lets cheer up the atmosphere ~ ☆


source: TSC Staff Report
trans: mizuna@sharingyoochun


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Yoochun endorsement

credit: mickyfan+togethertvxq
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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NTV [Creative Future Hall] Preview

Just saw the preview of [Creative Future Hall] which will be shown on 22nd May, here’s a preview into the content….

General Content:
1. [Animation Introduction] Dong!
2. Natto* + Barbequed meat’s Special Characteristics
3. Games Battle
4. Men of the Future

When discussing about Natto, Kim Junsu and Shim Changmin formed a perfect “MaXiah” partnership, and cruelly bullied pitiful Park Yoochun…..

Changmin held Yoochun’s shoulders, Junsu grabbed Yoochun’s hands, to help the MC force-feed Micky with Natto….. Jaejoong and Yunho who did not stepped up to help, were both laughing…. That scene… Let’s pity Yoochun together!

There was an interview asking Tohoshinki about their ideal dating venue:
Jaejoong: Cinema
Junsu: Sea (?!)
Changmin: Go on a drive
Yunho: Playground/Theme park
Yoochun: Walk around like a normal person to shop and participate in summer festivals.

*: Natto – Traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans

Yunjae laughing at their children~ Micky forcefed with Natto which does not sound too appetizing~ Junsu wanting to date in/on the sea~ This show is going to be interesting isn’t it? Look forward to it on the 22nd of May on Nippon TV! ^_____^

Credits: 日網 + 水珉@mingjiscm.net + 百度帖吧
Trans: shaine@sweetfig
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot + sharingyoochun@wordpress
Please take out with Full Credits.

I thought Yoochun said in a show recently that he is ok with Natto now?


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